R. North Carolina

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My husband and I have been married for fifty years. It was almost two years ago that he let it slip out that he had slept with a prostitute five years into our marriage. My husband trickled out two additional affairs over the following five months. I was shocked and devastated, not only by my husband’s betrayals but more so by his 44 years of deception. We spoke to our pastor, attended a week-long marriage intensive, and saw a local counselor. None of these avenues were helpful because the actual infidelity was not addressed. Desperate for guidance on what to do to save our marriage, we signed up for an EMS Online course that started in September 2020. The group environment was easier to participate in than we thought it would be. I love the fact that the course is faith based and that it directly addresses infidelity. I did not think that my unfaithful husband would ever understand how hurt I was by his betrayals. However, the lessons in the EMS Online workbook flowed in such a way that I believe my husband came to see the destruction that his choices caused. The recovery process is work, but healing is possible. This course has been a marriage saver for us! I believe it could be a marriage saver for others whose marriage is in crisis due to infidelity.

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R. North Carolina