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I attended Hope Rising 2019 and I completed Harboring Hope. Harboring Hope was just what I needed. It helped to shake me up. I felt like I had read everything out there on infidelity, but Harboring Hope is about healing independent of my husband's course. It's not just about the trauma (oh I had that), it's about moving beyond trauma. Week by week in Harboring Hope, I could see that I had come a long way in my healing, but I also was able to identify the areas where I was still blocked from healing. During Harboring Hope I recognized resentments that I had toward past therapists, former affair partners who I did not know, the list goes on. I had let these resentments steal my energy, my joy, my power. I would encourage women who are considering Harboring Hope and thinking that it is too late, it was so long ago, I'm healed enough, etc, etc. to give it a try. Do it. You may be surprised as I was. I really am on my way to complete recovery.

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HH Participant

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L. Texas