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Before arriving at EMS, I was hesitant and didn't believe that 3 days would do anything to help the state of my marriage (which was broken beyond recognition). I didn't believe that a group of strangers would help me open up to the extent that I did. Lastly, I had no faith in the idea that I would ever feel connected to anyone in that group or want to stay in touch with them. However, at the end of EMS weekend, all of the assumptions and reluctance that I had prior was completely gone. Within 3 days, I was able to share feelings to my wife that I hadn't our entire marriage, I understood the damage I did on our marriage more, and most importantly her pain and anger………..It gave myself and my wife hope that we could have a great marriage in the future as long as we take what we have learned through EMS and continue to apply. [Virtual EMS Weekend]

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