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Honestly, the material from this week helped pull me out of the ‘fog’. I first read it during week 9 when the book suggested to skip ahead to week 13 for more insight on desire. I resonated SO MUCH with Lenore’s story from the curriculum. It gave me hope that someone else had the same undesiring feelings towards their husband as I do, and they were able to turn it around and gain that desire back. Something I never thought was possible! I also realized I definitely had been seeing my Betrayed Husband through a negative lens, and I needed to start seeing him as the amazing man everyone else sees him as. It didn’t happen instantly, but a few weeks later I felt a significant shift in me. Now that I’m actually open to connecting (all forms), I feel like we’re doing a lot better :) We just spent an amazing long weekend together going out and trying new things, kids-free, and that probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t read ahead to the week 13 material. Thank you!

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