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When I found AR and Hope for Healing I was at rock bottom. I had blown up my marriage and had relapsed after an episode of infidelity previously. I needed help. Hope for Healing was a safe place where I didn't have to pretend to be "normal". I could be my flawed self. In those first few weeks, I sat in my misery and my group sat with me without complaint and with support. Ours was an interesting group in terms of both age group as well as stage of our relationships. I can say without a doubt that without Hope for Healing, I could not have made the shift I wanted in myself that has brought about the work of reconciliation in our marriage. I am thankful each day for the work that the group leaders put in to support people like me so that we can find our "true" selves and the path to a better, clearer, more authentic life. I thank Hope for Healing and Affair Recovery from the bottom of my heart for all they have done and am certain God put them in my path to save me. It is my sincere hope that others may find the same salvation I have found through this course.

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