Recovery Fundamentals

We know what it takes to recover.

In order to recover from an affair, you’ll need to answer some hard questions. We’ve included some of the most critical ones below. If you choose one of our online classes, you will know the answers to these questions (and more) in 90 days. Many of our participants have said it’s a relief they didn’t have to figure all this out on their own.

The Hard Questions

• Do you understand the types of affairs?
• How do you know if there's hope?
• Can you forgive?
• Can you stop intrusive thoughts?
• Is it possible for the unfaithful spouse to develop empathy?
• Can you make a plan for relapse prevention?
• Can you rebuild trust
• Is it possible to forgive? And if it’s not, why go forward?
• Do you feel confident your marriage can be different?

"After the affair, our love is deeper than it ever was before."
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