Why Choose An Online Course from Affair Recovery?

Why Choose An Online Course from Affair Recovery?

Harboring Hope, Hope for Healing, and EMS Online provide:

A Community of Support:

You have a team behind you. While you might feel like you’re the only couple or the only person in the middle of this, trust us when we assure you that you’re not. Your small group serves as a safe, supportive community of people in a similar situation. You’ll find amazing power from having a tight-knit group that supports you and pulls for your recovery—and by providing that support to others. In the initial phases following the discovery of an affair, it’s not uncommon for the cheating spouse to be clueless about the hurt spouse’s plight and pain. Your group provides an entire community of people who “get it” and are committed to healing and moving forward to enjoy life.

A Private and Covenient Approach:

No one has to know. One of the advantages of online courses from Affair Recovery is complete privacy. You’ll have the ability to talk with others without the fear of your personal information being spread around your community. Group sessions are held by telephone conference call, and most groups contain people from all over the United States. Unless you choose, there is no exchange of personal information, and you will know the other participants by first name only. Even your email address will be protected from other group members. This innovative approach provides the necessary support you need to heal from the convenience of your own home or from wherever you happen to be at the time of the call. There’s no need to arrange babysitting, and no worries if you are out of town for business or for vacation.

A Sound Course of Action:

Make a practical, positive plan for healing and forgiveness. If you haven’t noticed, many people functioning in people-helping capacities do not understand what to do when infidelity hits a life or a marriage. There are many well-meaning people who are more than willing to give advice, but no one really knows how they would respond until they’re in your situation. The material presented over the weeks of your course is relevant, practical, and inspiring. Thoughtful step-by-step coursework combined with expert and group coaching puts you on a path to move past the pain and devastation.

A Good Perspective:

Keep your spirits high. When you’re rocked by something as devastating as infidelity, it leaves you totally disoriented. Having a connection to others who are going through the same thing gives you a richer perspective, and allows you to gauge your progress and your growth. While everyone comes to our courses at a dark time, you’ll find that you celebrate each other’s victories and even find laughter, humor and joy. Our online courses are designed to help you process all of the possibilities and keep your process positive.

Efficient Healing:

Take the most effective path to recovery and the rest of your life. Your recovery will be unique to you and your situation, but after treating hundreds of individuals recovering from infidelity we know that following a proven process lets you make that journey most efficiently. We find those utilizing the group format move through the process as quickly as possible and seem to find hope even in their darkness.