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I have just completed Harboring Hope. Almost one year ago I discovered that my wife had an affair. I was unable to heal or move out of the pain for 9 months. Then, I found Affair Recovery. I found hope in the online video blogs posted by Samuel on YouTube. It seemed like someone finally understood what I was going through. No therapist we visited was equipped to deal with our situation. The counselors and therapists that we had seen were not specialists in this field and although they meant well, It was like we had been visiting our general physician for a cancer of which they were not trained to treat. We signed up for the EMS Weekend where we experienced more healing in 3 days than we had in the previous 7 months. We left EMS Weekend with optimism. We had a plan, a prescription if you will. This recovery program had worked for many other couples and we now had people who specialized in our problem. I learned how to deal with the trauma I experienced, how to grieve the losses caused by the infidelity, how to forgive and finally how to let go of the pain and move forward. I don't know where I would be without Affair Recovery. I would recommend Affair Recovery to anyone who has been hit with the unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with infidelity in their life. This goes for the faithful as well as the betrayed. I have seen so much healing on both sides of the fence. Whether you are just finding out, or stuck in an unforgiving bitterness cycle that has taken over your life, there are people at Affair Recovery that can help you. Don't try and do this alone. There is hope and it's not just a program. These people care and will help you to not let such a devastating event define or destroy your life. Thank you to Affair Recovery for the healing I have received. I won't ever be able to repay it.

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