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I have been with Affair Recovery for over a year. After much searching online, I was giving up hope of finding a place that suited my needs as a betrayed husband. Married for 28 years but separated at the moment as my wife still shows no empathy nor has she recommitted to the marriage. She is still in an affair and discovery was almost three years ago. I finally signed up for Harboring Hope after listening to Rick and Samuel's many videos. I was nervous about spending money on Harboring Hope, especially after going to a couple of counselors that just made things worse. I was personally struggling with isolation and desperately trying to find which way was up and needed guidance with my thought process. Harboring Hope brought so much clarity! Hearing the stories of the guys in my group brought a sense of relief. They were part of my journey and our Group Leader was a regular guy that has experienced infidelity. They know what it feels like! I can say that I finally feel like I'm starting to heal even without help from my wife. I have a ways to go yet but Harboring Hope and the resources Affair Recovery provide are the best I know of or have found. Rick, Samuel, Leslie, John and my Group Leader from my Harboring Hope class . . . Thank you!!! God Bless you! One more thing. I know a couple of guys who have taken Harboring Hope more than once, and I now know why.

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