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I have just completed EMS Online with my husband. Before undertaking the 13 week course of late-night calls (European time!) we were suffering so badly from the trauma of my affair that I was sure our marriage would inevitably collapse. There was constant anger and flooding and we were totally rudderless. The course has had an immense impact: I have learned a lot about why I acted out and that is very important to me. My husband has gotten a serious grip on his anger and as a result we are able to communicate reasonably and in a productive and loving way that leads us to believe we can eventually make it out of this mire. There were two other unfaithful women in our particular small group which was a happy surprise as I was worried about being the only unfaithful woman in the group. We are not religious people but we have been able to participate fully in EMS Online and enjoy the fruits of the group dynamic. In our situation it has been crucial to have the support of the group and this is ongoing. During my EMS Online experience I learned the small but beautiful art of 'Hearfelt Listening' which was a revelation to me and has helped soothe my husband to no end. I couldn't recommend this course more. It offers and delivers hope, support and a road-map to recovery. It's an immense feeling to know you are not alone.

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I. Ireland