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Turn your "But" around

Hi, This is really great for someone like me who is a thinker Feeling Deeply right now - Thank you!
May I ask If the graphics in the pyramid slide could have the contrast improved? This part is key and I replayed it, but still think it could be clearer.
Thanks again or all you do! <3


I understand what you are saying but I feel that the examples you use are not relevant to the distress and pain that the betrayed feels from intrusive thoughts as a result of infidelity. They are so much more complicated and difficult to control than making a trip to the grocery store that you really didn't want to do. I feel that more help than this is necessary to break free of these extremely debilitating and agonizing thoughts that haunt us several times a day. I feel that your explanation minimized the suffering and simplified the solution like it should be so easy to overcome.

I AGREE with you....NOT

I AGREE with you....NOT apples for apples.


Completely agree with you. I can be driving home from the grocery store and the pain of the betrayal will just wash over me to the point I have to stop my car because I can not see the road due to the tears. Maybe I need more time? I just don’t see how I will ever feel joy or proud of my marriage ever again!


After disclosure God kept asking me to ignore my husband and play with Him. To have fun and focus on Him, to let go of fear so I could be myself. I wish I’d been able to do it better - I can now. I had over two years of not being safe and it was hard but God made it possible. Things are slowly turning making the vision God gave me seem less impossible- and yes the way forward is to allow the child in - to be your redeemed self - trusting the Father and not looking at the ugly mess you are in - but the red ball He wants to play with you

Well Said!

If i would have listened to this a year ago, i would have thought you were way off base with what you were saying about intrusive thoughts, but i just finished the 12 week, harboring hope for the betrayed wife course, and I totally get what you are talking about. That course taught me to figure out all the craziness in my head and put a lot of things to rest, and i would never have done that without the course. Everything you said, ALL OF IT MAKES SENSE. Thank you for doing what you do!