Hope Rising 2018 On Demand

One Day Conference for Betrayed Spouses

Now available On Demand, the first annual Hope Rising 2018 conference was a huge success! This sold out event simultaneously inspired hope via live stream across the nation as well as four other countries worldwide. Now that it’s On Demand, you can watch it anytime.

What is the Hope Rising Conference for Betrayed Spouses?

Hope Rising is an event only for betrayed spouses. We remember the sleepless nights, the agony, and loneliness. We understand that life after betrayal is a jumble of emotions–anger, dejection, fear, and a tremendous sense of loss. Fortunately, we know how to navigate the swirling chaos that surrounds a betrayed spouse because we've walked through it ourselves, and we've walked alongside thousands of others. Regardless of whether the unfaithful spouse is supportive, unsupportive, or gone, we want you to feel hope again. Whole again. Home again. You are not alone.

Take a brave step out of the turmoil and do something just for you. This material is filled with hope, practical strategies and resources.

With Hope Rising On Demand, you will:

  • Receive a new sense of self-worth and honor,
  • Experience belonging in this momentous gathering,
  • Learn how pain can be transformed and overcome,
  • Redefine your identity with new freedom,
  • Be equipped with healing strategies and next steps, and
  • Receive encouragement from survivors who are thriving.

Meet the 2018 Speakers:

2018 Keynote Speaker: Cindy Beall

Cindy is a mentor and speaker with a tender heart for betrayed spouses that was cultivated through her own season of despair. Cindy is the author of Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken and Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New. She serves alongside her husband, Chris, at Life.Church in Oklahoma City, one of the nation's largest churches.

All ticket sales will be donated to the Affair Recovery Scholarship Program!

Through Hope Rising On Demand, we want to restore those in crisis to extraordinary lives of meaning and purpose. You may not be able to see it at this very moment, but through the despair and pain, hope can rise.

What Others Are Saying
It was an extremely well thought out and well put together conference. I was impressed with ALL of the speakers and THANK YOU SO MUCH for live streaming it! I liked the Q&A with Leslie & John. That helped me a lot, as I had many of those questions they covered. For me, Laura’s talk on anger and Jessica’s talk about vulnerability were both stories and advice I needed to hear. Wow. They both leveled me and gave me pause. The letter Samuel read was such a beautiful touch and blew me away. I can only imagine all the tears in the room. Sounds like it was a collaboration and to whoever had that idea, it added so much empathy and heart to an already well done conference. Thank you for all the work and thought you all put into that day! As soon as we get on our feet a bit more, my husband and I will be donating to the Harboring Hope scholarship.
I benefited most from the encouragement and strength that came from listening to hopeful, compassionate, confident, wise, guiding words from speakers who are on the other side of this journey.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you and the team did to make Hope Rising happen. This was my first time being “visible” in my journey towards recovery. While there were many extremely difficult moments for me, I left encouraged. I left ready to get out of my slump of surviving...what that looks like I have no idea but I will wait and see. Everyone worked tirelessly to create a safe place for us and that alone was huge for me! Thank you again!!!
This apology [video] was the light bulb moment for my husband 3 years post D-Day. I was watching by myself as he had refused to believe that healing was possible and his only input in moving forward was to say that I just needed to put it behind me or I would only further push him away and ultimately destroy our marriage. Yes, dysfunctional to say the least. However after watching, I turned and realized he had been standing there listening, and to my utter dismay I saw tears in his eyes and for the first time in 3 years I saw genuine remorse and regret. It had to have been several minutes before I realized that I was sobbing, because all I could see was my husband, the man I married standing before me once again. Finally he crossed the room wrapped his arms around me wept uncontrollably and repeated, "I am so sorry" over and over. And so our journey to recovery began! I will forever be grateful for all of you at Affair Recovery, and most of all for the apology that brought my husband back from the depths of his shame! Thank you! Sending love, light, and hope to everyone suffering.

Hope Rising On Demand is non-refundable upon purchase.

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