Hope Rising 2020 On Demand

Conference Recording

The Third Annual Hope Rising Conference brought hope and guidance to a record number of betrayed spouses in the Affair Recovery community. Now, you can watch it anytime, anywhere.

Hope Rising 2020 is now available On Demand!

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What is the Hope Rising Conference?

This annual event is designed for betrayed spouses to learn how to navigate the painful, disorienting chaos that surrounds infidelity.

Take a brave step out of the turmoil and do something just for you. This material is filled with encouragement, practical strategies, and resources on topics like Hope for Healing and Self-Discovery, Parenting After Betrayal, Codependency, Restoration, Moving Forward, and more!

With Hope Rising On Demand, you will:

  • Receive a new sense of self-worth and honor,
  • Experience belonging in this momentous gathering,
  • Learn how pain can be transformed and overcome,
  • Redefine your identity with new freedom,
  • Be equipped with healing strategies and next steps, and
  • Receive encouragement from survivors who are thriving.

NEW this year: Your On Demand purchase will include a recording of live breakout sessions with experts John Haney and Leslie Hardie AND a recording of our Couples’ Panel Q&A!

Meet the 2020 Speakers:

We gathered a panel of infidelity survivors and experts in infidelity recovery to share their knowledge, insight, and encouragement with you.

Opening Keynote:

Melody Lovvorn

Eight years into marriage while raising four happy children, enjoying a career as a fitness instructor and serving in her local church and community, Melody was blindsided by her husband's infidelity. Today, Melody brings us into the chaos, confusion and heartbreak while revealing her courageous discovery that going into and through the pain is the only way out of the pain. You will be equipped to embark on your own personal journey of healing and self-discovery as Melody illuminates a path to restoration and gives hope to the hopeless.

Closing Keynote:

Dr. John Mark Haney

Love and life are brutal sometimes. In the face of the pain and rejection of infidelity, it is easy to believe that our life will always be damaged and diminished because of betrayal. However, we have a real choice to not be used, but rather to use what has happened to us as a springboard to a more extraordinary life. Pain can break us, or it can serve as the crucible that reforms us as stronger and more self-loving human beings. If we're ever to come to a fully awake NOW, we must do something with the problem of our past hurts and losses.

Rick Reynolds

Infidelity's shockwaves not only threaten the very survival of the partners and their relationship but they place children, both young and old, in the path of a destructive tsunami. It's the responsibility of both parents to protect their children from the fallout of the devastation. Rick's session covers both the do's and don'ts of parenting after betrayal.

Leslie Hardie

Anyone who has had the excruciatingly painful experience that comes from a spouse's infidelity knows that the recovery, whether the marriage is reconciled or not, takes time, energy and gut wrenching labor. In the beginning, it can seem like it's an all consuming journey of agony and frustration. However, with time and concerted effort, genuine and even surprising good can come from the devastation and traumatic events. The heart, however, requires its own special attention. Leslie will guide you through restoring your shattered heart.

Wayne Baker

Couples grappling with the distress of infidelity enter therapy with two goals in mind which oftentimes can feel mutually exclusive: to feel loved and to be understood. Here, Wayne introduces a conceptual framework called Internal Family Systems which can help hurting spouses achieve both goals while also generating momentum to sustain each partner through recovery. Find new insights and discover new parts of yourself in a guided meditation utilizing the IFS framework.

Leigh Ashley

The trauma of betrayal alters us in ways we never see coming. Our perceptions of what is true, real, and safe become distorted leaving us with overwhelming feelings of fear, ambiguity and terrifying vulnerability. Our loss of identity and emotional footing compel us to find safety at all costs. Cautious yet vigilant coping strategies begin to be employed as we desperately try to gain a sense of control of the new reality we're dropped into. Leigh's session addresses illusions of safety in the healing process and provide genuine guardrails for both short and long term recovery.

Lynn Marie Cherry

Some people have a lot of nerve. They bypass the need for comfort and care of a betrayed spouse and lead with the need to forgive too soon. If you've ever wanted to scream at a well-intended person touting the necessity of forgiveness, you will find solidarity in Lynn's session. She will define what forgiveness is and what it isn't and then guide you through a process for finding true freedom from the pain of the most intimate injury.

Alejandro Cornejo

Infidelity is debilitating. The disorientation and uncertainty associated with discovery leads to distress, loss of rational thinking, and subsequent poor choices that derail recovery. In Alejandro's session, you will learn how to effectively engage with the pain of intrusive thoughts and emotional shifts. You will learn how to create a mindset that will aid you in taking actions that lead to a sustainable recovery process. Whether you are only a few days removed from discovery, months or even years from it, these practical tools will help you realize the hope and confidence that are essential for moving forward.

All Hope Rising sales are donated to the Affair Recovery Scholarship Program!

Through Hope Rising On Demand, we want to restore those in crisis to extraordinary lives of meaning and purpose. You may not be able to see it at this very moment, but through the despair and pain, hope can rise.

What Others Are Saying

Your speakers provide so much hope and understanding towards the pain. It makes those [who] have been betrayed not feel alone and [gives them] a place to be heard.
[What helped me the most was] Knowing that I am not alone in this nightmare and that others understand and care and are able to offer hope.
[What helped me the most were] The positive messages of each speaker. The topics were extremely relevant. So many points just hit me where I needed inspiration.

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