Hope Rising 2021 On Demand

Conference Recording

The Fourth Annual Hope Rising Conference brought hope and guidance to a record number of betrayed spouses in the Affair Recovery community. Now, you can watch it anytime, anywhere.

Hope Rising 2021 is now available On Demand!

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What is the Hope Rising Conference?

This annual event is designed for betrayed spouses to learn how to navigate the painful, disorienting chaos that surrounds infidelity.

Take a brave step out of the turmoil and do something just for you. This material is filled with encouragement, practical strategies, and resources on topics like Hope for Healing and Self-Discovery, Parenting After Betrayal, Codependency, Restoration, Moving Forward, and more!

With Hope Rising On Demand, you will:

  • Receive a new sense of self-worth and honor,
  • Experience belonging in this momentous gathering,
  • Learn how pain can be transformed and overcome,
  • Redefine your identity with new freedom,
  • Be equipped with healing strategies and next steps, and
  • Receive encouragement from survivors who are thriving.

This year your On Demand purchase will include recordings of our four live breakout sessions!

2021 Presentations:

We gathered a panel of infidelity survivors and experts in infidelity recovery to share their knowledge, insight, and encouragement with you.

Opening Keynote:

Shauna Shanks

When you've been betrayed by a spouse, it is so easy to fall into a spiral of self-loathing or comparison and to expend energy worrying and fearing things beyond your control. Shauna found something she calls The Love Filter that transformed her personal life and gave her a starting point for her own journey of healing from betrayal. Join Shauna as she equips you to keep yourself whole, encourages you in self-love, and empowers you to find peace and freedom, no matter what the future holds.

Closing Keynote:

Dr. John Mark Haney

Betrayal trauma is one of the most excruciating forms of human pain imaginable, and it can cause a profound and negative upheaval around our view of God, our view of relationship, or even around whether life has any ultimate purpose or meaning. If we focus too much attention on just trying to survive the pain, we may miss the opportunity for the darkness to become a teacher or even an ally that can lead us to a greater life. The scary sounds you hear in the darkness may not be a monster, they may be the very voice of God.

Rick Reynolds, LCSW

We hear a lot about boundaries in recovery, but we often equate boundaries with imposing consequences which makes us the judge and jury of the relationship. Rick adds self-esteem to the boundary conversation bringing both clarity and insight. This session will reveal how self-esteem is foundational to recovery and empower you to develop functional boundaries for healthy relationships.

Leslie Hardie, LCSW

In terms of your spouse’s infidelity, the story you tell yourself about what happened may end up being more important than what actually transpired. The story you make up about why it happened can become even more critical. And if you begin to get caught up in how you could have kept it from happening, you can become completely undone. As it turns out, the story we tell ourselves is one of the most critical aspects of our recovery.

Wayne Baker, MA, LPC

We all scramble for certainty, especially in the midst of the pain caused by infidelity. We wanted things to go a certain way. Questions and intrusive thoughts are just some of the tools we use to try and find solid ground, something that is predictable and safe. But do they really work long term? How can we live wholeheartedly when our heart has been shattered? Emotions are sometimes our best teachers; feeling and grieving are part of our learning. Embracing vulnerability, uncertainty and unpredictability has the power to transform again and again and again.

Jessica McDaniel, LPC

Most of us do not have a language for grief. We might have access to a few descriptive words like sad, depressed, and angry but beyond that, grief is a very difficult experience to allow ourselves to completely enter. When we’re taught from a young age to “keep it together”, to not let our emotions get the best of us, we numb our God given ability to emote, to cry out, and to honestly acknowledge the full extent of our hurt and sadness. In this session, we'll explore how to “join in” with our grief rather than fight against it through the practice of lament, which will teach us how to honor and process our pain so that we can live more freely.

Andrea Rogers

How do you face the pain in front of you when everything in you wants to look the other way? Seeing the truth takes great courage, but there is no true healing apart from the truth. Listen in to learn how to take the journey from hurting, to healing, to wholeness.


So often, we attempt to walk through the trenches of forgiveness in expectation that once we make the decision to forgive, we’ll finally be able to see through the emotional fog. But sometimes, we just wind up just feeling stuck. We wonder if the decision and efforts to forgive were genuine. We wonder if we’ll ever break free from the chains of unforgiveness. In Jeremy’s session, he’ll describe his own story of not just making a decision to forgive in his mind but releasing his heart to forgive through a process of emotional forgiveness.

All Hope Rising sales are donated to the Affair Recovery Scholarship Program!

Through Hope Rising On Demand, we want to restore those in crisis to extraordinary lives of meaning and purpose. You may not be able to see it at this very moment, but through the despair and pain, hope can rise.

What Others Are Saying

Your speakers provide so much hope and understanding towards the pain. It makes those [who] have been betrayed not feel alone and [gives them] a place to be heard.
Blessed! It felt as though I was wrapped in a warm blanket of love, hope, and understanding.
[What helped me the most was] Knowing that I am not alone in this nightmare and that others understand and care and are able to offer hope.
[What helped me the most were] The positive messages of each speaker. The topics were extremely relevant. So many points just hit me where I needed inspiration.

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