Rodney and Angela

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Just loved you two

My husband and I attended a weekend retreat and the two of you spoke to the group, I believe it was your first time. Angela, you said something that day that I still repeat ( when Im trying to be funny). It was the one ounce of humor I experienced that weekend and it still makes me laugh. As you told your story at one point you said "I told him, someone's gonna die tonight and it ain't gonna be me". While you were being funny, I knew what you meant, it was the point of time when you simply had enough and you weren't going to be the victim in the scenario anymore. But, your ability to be humorous and laugh together up there while telling your story, made me have hope.Maybe we too would be able to look back on the worst time in our marriage and be able to laugh a little.
So , thankyou.
We are still together, 3 years later, better than ever with still room to grow. Please know the two of you had something to do with helping save a marriage. ( and the whole team that weekend too , of course).

Just saw kind!

Hello cmc!

Thanks for the laugh and the pleasant reminder! We really enjoyed being with you all that weekend. It’s the only Weekend Retreat we have done. Your words were so encouraging to read. More encouraging is your story of success and growth! Praying God’s continued blessings on you and your journey.

We too are so grateful for the entire AR team. They, along with you and us, are truly living examples that HOPE is still alive.

To healing...Rodney&Angela

Response to (Rodney & Angela)

OMG-- My husband is so hesitant, but your testimony and praise to God. Thank you and God continue to bless you. I will be presenting this video clip to him very soon. He loves the Lord. He loves Gospel Music...your praise and testimony to the Father will open his heart not to fear. Perhaps you will return to EMS for another Weekend Retreat? To healing...Georgette

EMS Testimonial response (Just loved you two -2 yrs ago)

Thank you for your testimony. I am reading your comments from 2 yrs ago, this means it has been 5 years since your "journey of hope" began. God continue to bless you...and yes, in the Spirit of truth, " both of us are gonna have to die", but God will give us a brand new life!!.

The song of healing

Thank you for singing. Your words and song of redemption are powerful. It all matters.