Harboring Hope Benefits

HARBORING HOPE’S educational component, support group component, and coaching component provide:

Stephanie and I felt isolated and alone in the beginning of our journey. There were far too few resources. A group serves as a safe community of support since other members are in a similar situation. You don’t have to be alone. In the initial stages, it’s not uncommon for your mate to be clueless in regards to your plight and pain. A group provides an entire community of those who “get it” and who are focused on moving on with life.

Who has to know?
One of the beauties of the online Harboring Hope course is privacy and convenience. You’ll have the ability to talk with others without the fear of your private information being spread around your community. Group sessions are held by telephone conference call. You will know the other participants by first name only. Unless you choose, there is no exchange of personal information. Even your email address will be protected from other members. If privacy needs have kept you from being able to share, then HARBORING HOPE solves that problem.

3) A POINT OF REFERENCE: How are you doing?
When you’re rocked by something as devastating as infidelity, it leaves you totally disoriented. If you’ve never gone through a betrayal, then it’s impossible to know whether you’re making progress. Having others in the group going through similar situations allows you to gauge your progress.

If you haven’t noticed, most people haven’t a clue when it comes to responding to infidelity. Even mental health professionals can be sorely lacking when it comes to knowing how to help. The material presented over the 12 weeks of the Harboring Hope course is relevant and practical. Leslie and John will walk with you on your journey. The coaching aspect of the program will help make it specific to your situation.

5) A SAFE PLACE TO PROCESS: Who do you talk to?
Groups provide a rich community to find someone to share with. If you’ve ever been a part of a group, then you understand the power that comes from having others supporting you and pulling for your recovery. The HARBORING HOPE process is setup where sharing is safe. You may find it to be your best source of support in this process.

6) A NEW PERSPECTIVE: How do you know that you’re seeing all possibilities?
A great benefit to groups is their creativity. We tend to be limited by our personal life experiences, but the group approach allows access to other possibilities you’ve never considered.

7) A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT: How do you know what’s good or bad advice?
As I mentioned earlier, there are many well meaning people who are more than willing to share what they would do if they were in your shoes, but no one really knows how they would respond until they’re in your situation. Harboring Hope’s educational component, along with the structured group, provides the necessary elements to keep the process positive.

8 ) AN EFFICIENT APPROACH: How long should it take?
Your recovery will be unique to you and your situation, but after treating thousands of individuals recovering from infidelity we can show without a doubt that following a proven process lets you make that journey through the most efficient path possible. We find those utilizing the group format move through the process as quickly as possible and seem to find hope even in their darkness.

9) A NEW APPROACH: How does it work?
HARBORING HOPE contains three components. — First is educational. There is an extensive workbook designed to help you on your journey. If you’re normal, you don’t even know the relevant questions to ask. The workbook along with the videos will bring new clarity to your journey. — Second is the “Care Group”. The course will provide others who will share in your journey. You don’t have to be alone. — Third is the coaching. Leslie and John will conduct a weekly Q and A call to assure that your specific needs and questions are being addressed.

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