From Rick...

Dear Friend,

If you’re like the thousands of betrayed individuals we’ve helped over the past 18 years, then life as you know it has been shattered. You’ve been betrayed by your life partner. The person who you thought would always guard your best interests. You probably never fathomed that they would hurt you, disrespect you, dishonor you, or cause you pain. This was the one person you thought would love, honor, and cherish you as they had vowed.

This type of injury robs you of your sustenance, your existence, your integrity, your identity, your sense of purpose, your security, your peace, and your joy. It leaves you feeling alone, disconnected, lost, confused, hopeless, helpless, numb, overwhelmed…

You may well be in the most difficult time of your life, not knowing where to turn, who to trust (if anyone), or what to do.

Discovering infidelity can deliver a devastating blow, but you can survive. More than that, there’s hope for a great life beyond betrayal. Those who heal, find purpose and meaning, hope and direction, confidence and insight, love and compassion, freedom and peace, joy and strength. Our goal is to help guide you on that journey and Harboring Hope is the vehicle we’ve developed to help you get there.

It might be difficult to believe given your current condition, but you can not only survive, but you can thrive. You’ll find that people will try to help and offer comfort but rarely can someone or something tap RIGHT into what you are feeling. That’s what this course is about. It is like a having a light in a dark cave.

Historically, the most effective methods for healing have been group based. As human beings, we desperately need connection. Others who can validate us, who understand us, and who are like us. It’s not only empowering, but in the long run it’s healing. However, our fear of being judged or rejected, limits our willingness to honestly share difficult circumstances. How do you know whether or not the person you share with will be helpful or hurtful? In past times, people have gone to paid professionals or to clergy to deal with difficult topics such as infidelity, but now, due to the advent of the Internet, you have the chance to find others who are just like you and will support your healing.

To Healing!





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