Hope for Healing

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You can escape the isolation, shame, and even apathy you may be trapped under. This unique journey of restoration provides a safe place for you to find freedom and understanding with other unfaithful spouses, and an encouraging atmosphere to develop empathy for those affected by the affairs.

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What is Hope for Healing?

Hope for Healing is a 17 week faith-based course designed to bring healing to unfaithful spouses, regardless of the stance of the betrayed spouse. Hope for Healing will teach you to identify your barriers and break through them. We know it is scary, but we will help you cut ties with your affair partner, if not done already, and help you set up boundaries to begin healing those you’ve wounded.

What resources will I have?

Utilizing customized materials from Rick Reynolds himself, Hope for Healing joins you with several other unfaithful spouses in a private, small men’s or women’s group. The group communicates via a weekly conference call as well as an online forum that is available 24/7. Your small group is a safe place where you can receive support from others on your path to recovery.

How does the healing process look in my day-to-day life

Each week, you’ll start by reading the assignment online and watching the online video. This course is conveniently offered using only online materials so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. As you read your assignment, you will complete homework exercises, some of which you will share during your small group call. You can plan to devote about 3 hours per week.

What does the outcome typically look like?

“Before the Affair Recovery course, I was a big, fat liar and it stemmed from wanting so desperately to be needed and to be respected and to be loved by someone else. The tools that I’ve gained through the course are providing me with a better guard to not fall into that same trap that I fell into when I had an affair.” -R, Oklahoma

“During the course, I experienced unfathomable grace that was shown to me through the course, through the leaders of the course and through other people there. Participating in Affair Recovery created a whole new love for my husband, and I would have never, never, ever thought that was possible because I was so far from loving him before.” -D, Texas

“Being in community was key. We really opened up about our transgressions and that is one of the most freeing feelings. To be able to tell other people what you are going through and not be judged is a huge step in the recovery process. To have guys that you are accountable to will make you man-up and grow into the man God intended for you to be.” -K, California

Please note: Services offered by Affair Recovery are not therapy or counseling. Affair Recovery services are educational.

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