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In 13 Weeks, You Can Feel Better. Our confidential online programs use a proven curriculum and the power of group support to help couples and individuals deal with infidelity.

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Our company founder, Rick Reynolds, LCSW, holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Our programs are .
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We’ve really been there.
Our founder, Rick, and many other members of our professional staff have had personal experience with the pain and trauma of infidelity. Whether from the perspective of the unfaithful spouse or the betrayed spouse, many of us have walked in your shoes, and we understand the anger, confusion, and heartbreak that infidelity causes.

We’ve got the right tools.
Our 911 Marriage and Harboring Hope curriculums offer a step-by-step path to healing. Through the years, we’ve perfected the process of helping couples break down the anger and mistrust to rebuild communication and understanding.

We know the right people.
The best way to save a marriage after infidelity is to have the guidance of someone who has already done it. Our programs draw their greatest power from the strength of small group support, both from other couples who are currently in the same circumstances and from people who are already on a successful path to healing. By hearing from others, couples and individuals get new insights, perspectives, and wisdoms.

We’re discrete.
At Affair Recovery, all of our programs are safe, confidential and anonymous. Even the group support is done on a first-name only basis, often via private conference calls that can be made from any phone. When we send you an email, it will come from hope-now.com, because we know you probably don’t want the word “affair” showing up in your inbox. We do everything we can to respect your privacy during this difficult time.