Why Choose EMS?

A three-day weekend. A year of support. A whole new life.
Why should you and your spouse come to an EMS weekend?

There are some great marriage counseling programs and workshops available for couples working through infidelity, and we highly recommend checking them out. Any well-organized events with a solid approach to helping you improve your marriage will result in you leaving the workshop feeling more hopeful and encouraged about your relationship. But will you or your mate be able to maintain that new attitude or implement those new behaviors? Will you stay the course of change or go back to lives of quiet despair and isolation?

Research shows that new behaviors have to be maintained for at least 18 months before they begin to be the natural response. Failure to establish systems capable of holding these new behaviors in place increases the probability of old destructive patterns returning. Affair Recovery has developed a new approach by providing online peer support that continues long after the weekend is completed.

The year-long Emergency Marital Seminar (EMS) follow-up program provides both support and guidance after you attend your weekend. You will continue to meet with your group weekly by phone to work on sustaining new behaviors as well as implementing the new techniques being taught in your weekly lessons. You’ll find the EMS aftercare program to be the most important component in assuring that the two of you stay on track with your healing journey.