What began as flirting led to more time and time again. Every time I swore it wouldn’t happen again and I resolved to get better all on my own. Well, that route didn’t work out for me, but luckily we...

I was bored and not content in my marriage. With my irrational mind, it was impossible for my husband to understand my frustrations, so I just stuffed them. I had three affairs, each one chipping...

My wife and I had grown callous to one another long before her infidelity. I took a chance and chose to work on the marriage, if for no other reason than to just say I had done my best. I’m so...


I had found the man every parent dreams of for their child: respectful, kind, raised in a good home. I was completely blindsided by his sexual addiction. Thankfully we both committed to do the...

My life was characterized by when and where I would act out next and how I could continue to hide my secret life from my family. Through counseling, Affair Recovery, and a wife whose love I don’t...

After 10 years, my marriage had turned into a vicious cycle of blame. My husband led me to believe I was a truly terrible person by always blaming me, and because of this I became resentful and...

For most of my marriage, I was building up resentment towards my wife unbeknownst to her. I had a skewed image of marriage, and even of manhood, from the beginning and this only fueled the fire. I...

When I discovered the truth about my husband’s infidelities, I was consumed with anger. I became verbally and even physically abusive and couldn’t stand to be in our home. It took me a full year...

I spent a majority of my marriage (and my life) lying about who I was. When my wife uncovered my infidelity, I created an elaborate tale to continue the lie, which only served to hurt her more....

My affair started as what I believed was a friendship. My husband and I had some good friends, and some members of their family that we had met a few times had moved back to our state. The husband...



"A very productive group call. Everyone is so supportive of one another and I really look forward to my calls. I can actually laugh out loud with these ladies, something I haven't done in months. :)"
- S.P., MI | HH Participant
"I took the 13-week online course for couples to heal after Infidelity and to be honest I don't think my wife and I would be together if not for this course. The shock of discover that my wife was having an emotional online affair (sexting as well) with her counselor shook my world and hers as well. We had no idea where to start and immediately googled where we could seek help from. It was a blessing that Affair Recovery was high on the list of options. Once we opened the website and read the information, we immediately completed the 7-day Bootcamp (free) and soon after we signed up for the 13-week course. As the betrayed spouse I was hesitant and almost resistant to enter any type of program, but at the end of the day I wanted to salvage my marriage or at the very least find out why my wife entered into an affair. The lessons provided me with a step by step guide with how to navigate the ugly truth about affairs. I had no idea prior to the course about flooding, triggers, intrusive thoughts, empathy and that there was a way forward after an affair. Affair Recovery provided hope where I thought there was none. Along the way I did gain understanding as to why my wife entered into her affair. I am better off as a person and husband in taking the course. It forced or nudged me to look at myself and the role I play/played in the marriage. In many ways it brought my wife and I closer together and for this I am grateful to Rick and all the people at Affair Recovery. We just finished the course (August 2020) and we are not out of the woods at all. One thing I learned from Affair Recovery is that there are no quick fixes and that it will take time for the marriage to heal. Also, there will be pain but if we put in the effort our marriage will be stronger than it was before the affair. I truly believe this even though there are still some very difficult days and moments. The course definitely has taught me how to deal with those difficult days and moments in a much safer manner. It's not a 'club' any of us want to belong to but if you find yourself in this 'club', I can confidently say Affair Recovery is the place you want to land and land in as quickly as possible."
- Don (Betrayed Spouse) | EMSO Participant
"My wife and I just completed EMSO and found the structure, curriculum, and exercises to be extremely helpful. Painful, but helpful. I have a completely different outlook on life and the world. Working within our small group and hearing the encouragement and testimony of our mentors has given us hope and provided a path forward."
- J. Stark | EMSO Participant
"I completed EMS Online with my wife (thank God we're still married). I'm the unfaithful partner. We also finished the Bootcamp in the weeks leading up to EMS Online, which was amazing and highly recommended. There is hope. Please push through the pain and uncomfortable discovery. Ask God for help. And follow the curriculum's guidance. You can heal."
- Eric V. | EMSO Participant
"I just completed the Harboring Hope program and it was a great resource for me, a betrayed wife. I always looked forward to my weekly phone call, knowing on the other end of that line were some amazing women that were going through the worst tragedy they could have ever imagined, just like me. Those phone calls, coupled with the lessons in the workbook, helped me find some stability when it felt like my life was spinning out of control. I highly recommend taking this course."
- Betsy | HH Participant
"I am very grateful I was introduced to AR and I enrolled in Harboring Hope. Right after I discovered that my husband had an affair I was devastated. I needed someone to talk to that would understand exactly what I am going through. For me the group from HH and the materials in the course were a blessing. I could understand so much more about the affair and about what it takes to heal. I would highly recommend. "
- Anonymous , FL | HH Participant
"I have recently completed the Hope for Healing 17 weeks course and have also completed EMSO. I have no doubt that without these programs and AR, my husband and I would not be where we are right now. My most recent affairs were discovered by my husband this past December. He discovered my first affairs over five years ago and neither one of us did the healing and recovery work that was necessary for me to understand my addiction or for him to heal at all. We did not know about AR then and I tried to do some recovery work on my own, but I never stopped my infidelity. We stayed together but it was always painful and we were never able to give the other what was needed to do any kind of healing. When my husband discovered my most recent affairs he immediately got online and came across AR. He decided immediately to do the bootcamp with or without me. I was ambivalent at that point but I decided to see what it was about. I now know that God put AR on our path at that moment. From December until this point we have both worked diligently together and separately on our individual healing and the healing of our marriage. I've gotten support and encouragement to help me deal with the shame of my infidelity. I have learned to forgive myself and forgive my husband for the wounds he and I both created. I've learned how crucial safety is for him... I've learned more about this addiction that I will have for the rest of my life. I've learned what I need to do to make sure I don't relapse again. I've learned that I am not alone on this journey and that I have a tribe of people who will continue to support me as long as I continue to be vigilant and seek their support. Because of AR and the programs that I've taken and my husband has taken, we are discovering our second marriage. We are taking it one moment and one day at a time and we continue to use AR forums and the people in our groups, our marriage has definitely been saved. So if you are in a place where you have no where else to turn, you are at the bottom and you feel there is no hope, reach out to AR, and begin a journey of hope and healing."
- L. Crane | HH & EMSO Participant
"Affair Recovery resources literally saved my my darkest hour of despair, after learning of my husband's affair. I enrolled in Harboring Hope for additional support and it was a tremendous help and enriching experience for me. I found encouragement, love and "hope" through a group of women who spoke the same language as me and who understood my pain. I highly recommend Harboring Hope for betrayed spouses!"
- Lisa | HH Participant
"What can I say about a community of fellow sojourners like the ones I found at Affair Recovery? They were and are a gift from God, an oasis of understanding and support amidst the agonizing tears, pain, and heartache of my husband's second affair. I found myself drowning in my sorrow and felt so lost and directionless, having great difficulty holding it together some days after discovery. I found Affair Recovery by doing an internet search and up popped Samuel and his words of wisdom, comfort and insight. My husband and I watched Samuel and others from AR during the second winter after discovery. The first year we were separated as he was still with the affair partner.. Unfortunately my husband did not agree with Samuel and others on many issues. We then tried a Boot camp together which then led to doing an EMSO the winter and spring of 2020. The material and group sessions were exactly what I needed to gain the healing in my own life that I longed for. I am, of course, still on that healing journey. Our group still meets every other week for the follow up with the Married For Life sessions. It is the connection with people who have experienced similar heartache and emotional upheaval that was so helpful for me. Although my husband participated in the sessions and did the lessons, which I am grateful for, he has not owned his actions and has not sought out any help on his own. This makes me very sad, but it does not feel life threatening like it had earlier on thanks to the wonderfully insightful information I have received from Affair Recovery. I have come to realize that I can only work on my own healing and leave my husband in the hands of the Lord. The library of videos and blogs continue to speak to my heart and aid me on my healing journey. The words thank you do not even come close to expressing my gratitude to the people at Affair Recovery. Many times I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so."
- K. Texas | EMSO Participant
"Thanks to everyone. My wife had to talk me into this because I was already in an Every Man's Battle Accountability group, but it was worth every penny. I will recommend this recovery group to anyone that comes to me in the future trying to recover from an affair. Awesome program."
- Anonymous | EMSW Participant
"I really feel understood in this group. And it definitely gives me perspective and I'm better able to see where I go wrong. I feel like I love more deeply now. And that's a wonderful blessing."
- S. Florida | EMSO Participant
"This group has changed our lives! From the non-judgemental, open, encouraging, atmosphere that you all have created by rules such as listening (not giving advice), the support you supply through conversations, the lessons and all the resources. You all give guidance on how to change a horrible situation into one of positive change, by realizing that we are not alone and that there is amazing support available through groups like Affair Recovery. Our group leader was a constant guiding light with a positive demeanor that set the group up for tremendous forward progress. Thank you!"
- Anonymous | EMSO Participant
"Every week I feel we are connecting as a group. The women are becoming more vulnerable and sharing More than facts, but our stories. It’s weird that we have no visual faces to recognize each other BUT we know each other’s stories and pain. I’m 2 years and 10 months into our marriage restoration. I’ve never known other women who have been through this. This harboring hope group has already helped me heal. I pray for these women daily. My Group Leader has been fabulous!!! She is so tender to each woman and acknowledges their pain. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for almost three years. It’s a blessing to be part of this group. The ah ha moments keep coming. My husband is taking hope for healing and we are both so blessed by God to be doing this. Thank you so much!!!!!"
- T.S.-TN | HH Participant
"I believe for us this has been the best and most effective and efficient way to learn and recover. I don't believe we would have ever made these strides with a couple’s therapist. I was ambivalent when I started and now I am hopeful. Group leader was absolutely wonderful with all of us. So compassionate and open. I'm so thankful he was assigned to our group. His input and experiences were so helpful. He was kind, gentle and gracious with all of us making us all feel comfortable. He gets 5 stars from us. Thanks so much."
- Anonymous | EMSO Participant
"I was very happy that it sounds like there is another unfaithful female in our group- I have been praying that I would not be the only one. Not for my sake but for the sake of my husband, so that he didn’t feel like an anomaly."
- S. NE | EMSO Participant
"For some reason I find the EMSO to be a very "safe space" for me. It is heartbreaking hearing people grieve over the betrayal, but somehow I know that we can be there for one another. Great way to start the course, Our group leader did well - great job. I am looking forward to the next 13 weeks, although I know there will be many hard times as well. Thank you."
- M. Australia | EMSO Participant
"Honestly, the material from this week helped pull me out of the ‘fog’. I first read it during week 9 when the book suggested to skip ahead to week 13 for more insight on desire. I resonated SO MUCH with Lenore’s story from the curriculum. It gave me hope that someone else had the same undesiring feelings towards their husband as I do, and they were able to turn it around and gain that desire back. Something I never thought was possible! I also realized I definitely had been seeing my Betrayed Husband through a negative lens, and I needed to start seeing him as the amazing man everyone else sees him as. It didn’t happen instantly, but a few weeks later I felt a significant shift in me. Now that I’m actually open to connecting (all forms), I feel like we’re doing a lot better :) We just spent an amazing long weekend together going out and trying new things, kids-free, and that probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t read ahead to the week 13 material. Thank you!"
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"Before arriving at EMS, I was hesitant and didn't believe that 3 days would do anything to help the state of my marriage (which was broken beyond recognition). I didn't believe that a group of strangers would help me open up to the extent that I did. Lastly, I had no faith in the idea that I would ever feel connected to anyone in that group or want to stay in touch with them. However, at the end of EMS weekend, all of the assumptions and reluctance that I had prior was completely gone. Within 3 days, I was able to share feelings to my wife that I hadn't our entire marriage, I understood the damage I did on our marriage more, and most importantly her pain and anger………..It gave myself and my wife hope that we could have a great marriage in the future as long as we take what we have learned through EMS and continue to apply. [Virtual EMS Weekend]"
- EMSW Participant
"I honestly thought this had worked for other people but didn’t think anything could change our dysfunctional way of relating after 35 years of marriage. I was wrong. I have real hope going forward for the first time. [Virtual EMS Weekend] "
- EMSW Participant
"Before EMS weekend my spouse and I were at a standstill and we were losing hope. After going through EMS Weekend and participating in the sessions and activities, we have a whole new outlook on our future...we BOTH have a better understanding of where we were and where we are now going...forward, with love, respect, support, and determination. [Virtual EMS Weekend] "
- EMSW Participant
"I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than realizing it would probably be an intense 3 days……... EMS weekend helped me to face the truth head on by exploring his feelings, my feelings and understanding us both more. Meeting other people going through the same thing made me feel such a sense of community and belonging. I went with an open mind and left with more hope for our future. [Virtual EMS Weekend]"
- EMSW Participant
"When we first signed up for this EMS Weekend I had some reservations for how beneficial 3 days can be because my wife and I have had counseling before and they took weeks to cover enough ground to begin making head-way………..For as much trauma, hate, and resentment we had, we were stuck in our recovery, just circling the wagon. It was amazing to see how my pain started to subside after the first day and half and I started to see more of my wife’s heart and also see that she was "Getting it" and by the end I felt that I was on my way to forgive and move past something that I have been holding onto for months. I feel that our marriage has been given a shot or boost up the ladder in the right direction. I am much more hopeful and optimistic for our future. [Virtual EMS Weekend]"
- EMSW Participant
"I thought the virtual session would not be as effective. I was completely wrong. The context, discussions, homework has given me hope for a future that is new with my husband. [Virtual EMS Weekend]"
- EMSW Participant
"Was a little disappointed that the virus kept postponing the in person retreat, but we really enjoyed the virtual experience. I am extremely hopeful for our marriage. I believe the weekend fast tracked our healing and gave us a ton of materials to rebuild our marriage. Thank you! [Virtual EMS Weekend]"
- EMSW Participant
"Our group leader has been exceptional. She incorporates her experiences and great supportive information and relates it to each participants' circumstances and issues. My wife and I have found the EMSO program very supportive and helpful. We are both planning on continuing on with Harboring Hope and Hope for Healing. Thank you for creating this program and online format. It has definitely increased the probability of my wife and I staying married and having a better and stronger marriage than before the discovery of my betrayals. My wife and I also are thankful for the religious themes and God based references. "
- M. MI | EMSO Participant
"Great experience for the past 13 weeks - we have really learned a lot in the last three months. I will highly recommend this course to others. We also appreciated our group leader's input each week - she made it very comfortable for everyone in a very uncomfortable situation (marital infidelity). She did a great job!"
- S. MI | EMSO Participant
"During week 12, I struggled to think of ways I was not intimate with my spouse & I realized it was mostly physical. I liked how I had to think of things that first attracted me to my spouse and things that still make him a good catch. Those things actually brought a smile to my face. It was nice to have a perspective to see my spouse as a person again by focusing on his positive attributes and not focusing on the negative. I realized my biggest battle with intimacy were the intrusive thoughts. Also the hug, which I thought would be awkward was actually surprisingly refreshing, comforting, secure, warm and satisfying. We want to make it a point to hold each other like that more consistently. I loved this week. Every time I think that there’s a topic I understand, Rick puts a spin on it & there’s always something to learn."
- T. Florida | EMSO Participant
"The grieving section was so hard!!!!! I love our group and our leader! It’s so helpful to hear everyone’s story’s and share our lives knowing we care so much for these ladies we have never physically met."
- B. Florida | HH Participant
"Our final week and it has been a very helpful course with a particularly good group of participants. The fact that we all have had and still are experiencing similar issues during our healing has helped greatly and the course curriculum, albeit demanding at times, was very comprehensive. The support offered by fellow brothers has been invaluable and their insight hugely beneficial. I hope we will continue to support each other as we all realize that this is "work in progress". Thank you for enabling contact by retaining the small group wall. The group leader also deserves a special mention for assisting and directing us so well. Thank you to AR."
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"The curriculum creates so much awareness about what I am going through and brings so much guidance as I go through the process. I thank God for people who dedicate their lives to helping us find our way in the maze so difficult to untangle. God bless the Team! May your tribe increase!"
- J. NY | HH Participant
"It has been an amazing 17 weeks and I am so thankful for my Group Leader, our mentor, and my fellow group mates. The amount of support, encouragement, understanding and love I experienced these 17 weeks have literally been a saving grace!!!"
- R. NC | HFH Participant
"I thought it was a great way to start the program. It eased us into sharing part of our story with others instead of jumping right into the more difficult stuff in lesson 2. I appreciated that a lot as most of us are scared or feel intimidated to share our story with others. I already love my group after just a few days and one phone call!"
- M. TX | HFH Participant
"Curriculum was very necessary for my marriage - my husband and I both got a lot out of it."
- S. MI | EMSO Participant
"I now have a better understanding of the psychology behind my husband's betrayal. For the first time, I get that it had nothing to do with me or faults in me. I struggled with feeling insecure for so long. I'm 18+ months out and I finally feel a weight lifted as I understand more and more."
- T, Wisconsin | HH Participant
"The curriculum & videos are excellent! I feel God is really working a miracle in transforming us & our relationship thru this process. We’re not perfect but growing. "
- B., California | EMSO Participant
"My husband is also in a recovery group with AR. We are on the same page, but not necessarily in the same place. I’m so thankful for AR. I don’t know where we would be without it. Thanks, you guys, for the sacrifices you make to help others recover. I’m expecting great things in our marriage."
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"Very intense and very emotional week, but definitely took one GIANT step forward with this exercise. If you’re willing to change and work hard on your marriage, this week can be life changing. It was for us. Grateful for affair recovery and we both agree we would highly recommend it to any couple. Thank you for helping to change my ambivalence. "
- N. North Carolina | EMSO Participant
"Very intense and very emotional week, but definitely took one GIANT step forward with this exercise. If you’re willing to change and work hard on your marriage, this week can be life changing. It was for us. Grateful for affair recovery and we both agree we would highly recommend it to any couple. Thank you for helping to change my ambivalence."
- N. North Carolina | EMSO Participant
"Great course, very impactful. Sad to see the course end. Looking forward to the next step and to find a way to give back. "
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"Very intense and very emotional week, but definitely took one GIANT step forward with this exercise. If you’re willing to change and work hard on your marriage, this week can be life changing. It was for us. Grateful for affair recovery and we both agree we would highly recommend it to any couple. Thank you for helping to change my ambivalence. "
- N. North Carolina | EMSO Participant
"The curriculum, videos and links were all very helpful and relevant and I continue to be impressed with the “realness” of what I’m hearing and reading! I’m so glad to have found AR!! Group leader is doing a fantastic job!"
- D. VA | EMSO Participant
"Having spent THOUSANDS on clinical psychologists over a 46 year period...FINALLY I am in the right conduit for exactly what I have needed."
- C. California | HFH Participant
"Our group leader was extremely supportive, insightful, comforting and wise in her leadership. I appreciate her questions that help us reach a better depth of understanding so that she can in turn support us better (such as sending us various resources that are very helpful and relating her own experience). I feel very grateful to be in her group and the thoughtfulness and care she puts into supporting our recovery."
- B. Texas | HFH Participant
"The curriculum this week was great, by far better than anything I’ve seen through counseling. Our group leader is wonderful."
- A. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"This group is a life saver for me. So blessed to have found Affair Recovery."
- S. Texas | HH Participant
"The curriculum for week 1 provided a lot of insight for me in this situation. It gave me a more positive outlook in overcoming the issues that my marriage face. In my view the group leader did an excellent job in facilitating the involvement of all participants in the group. She also exerted effort to try to relate to each person during the session. "
- W. Florida | EMSO Participant
"I thought the group was well done. The curriculum far exceeds my expectations. I’m glad this is available online because nothing even close to this is available where I live. Thank you."
- A. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"The group leader is always a wealth of wisdom for all of us! This weeks material was eye opening with a twist of helping me get free from old school women stuff! The video was a precious gift from God. When Rick talked about how we were made as women, WOW! I have seen myself and all women in a different light! When he apologized for all men, I was able to let go of the anger and pain that has been a part of me for way too long! Thank you Rick!"
- K. Washington | HFH Participant
"I appreciate all of the course content, and our Group Leader's feedback/support throughout this difficult 13 weeks. I also appreciate the 52 extra week content to help us continue to move forward with our healing. I am very grateful for Affair Recovery because I would be completely lost and not where I am at right now, without you. Thank you all!"
- Y - Ont | EMSO Participant
"I had a lot of anxiety going into this first session, so I really appreciated the calm, deliberate pace and establishment of a clear structure and expectations. I started with an anxiety level of 7 and ended more at a 3. I'll look forward to less formal, more substantive sessions in coming weeks, but this was just what I needed in a first session. Thank you!"
- C. Oregon | EMSO Participant
"(Anger Management) So much mind blowing and helpful information in this weeks lesson. It was a lot to take in and process. It will be a chapter that I will have to go back to numerous times as life goes on and hopefully can teach it to our children. This should be taught with or without recovering from an affair. Very very grateful to have this in my tool belt. "
- Anonymous | EMSO Participant
"Each week you learn something new and things are put in perspective. Healing is happening"
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"I think it’s a really effective program ....... and would like to do it again when my life's in a little different place..... I would recommend it to anyone and I have:)"
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"I expected the call to be awkward, possibly having issues with people taking over each other; however, the call was so smooth! We each had sufficient time to share and I appreciated how our leader provided comments back and gave us hope that our concerns would be addressed throughout this program. I’m really looking forward to the next 13-weeks - even more so after this call. I can tell the leader has experience that will help this be even more successful. Thank you!"
- Anonymous | EMSO Participant
"I wish I would have done this program sooner! It’s life changing! :)"
- T. TX | HH Participant
"The last week's curriculum did a great job tying the last 12 weeks together. My husband was ambivalent and admits now that he was going to leave our marriage for his AP. Affair recovery saved my marriage and it all started with the free boot camp. Amazing curriculum, amazing program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- C. ID | EMSO Participant
"Loved this program. It saved my marriage. God bless you all."
- K. California | HFH Participant
"I loved this week's curriculum and discussion. It was very eye opening and beyond helpful. I wish I would have had that type of information early in marriage or when working through troubles over time. I even told our group that all week I thought about how Rick and the team should create another site/course for marriage before affair. Such as for those planning to get married, newlyweds and just anyone working through difficult times in marriage. I would recommend it to everyone I know! My husband and I had done a course through the Gottman institute a few years ago pre infidelity but it never really stuck with us but this made an impact and spoke to us both. And the format of the EMSO is so helpful and helps start habits and stick with it too! Thank you for this special week!"
- C. Colorado | EMSO Participant
"This week’s exercise was really powerful. I’ve told my husband so many times that if he could feel how I felt, he would be a lot more sensitive. I’m realizing now that if I could feel how he’s feeling when he is expressing regret and disappointment in himself related to his cheating, that would help me really believe him and move forward. I feel like this exercise helped us in trying to understand the other’s heart. Also, the group leader is really caring and loving. "
- L. New York | EMSO Participant
"I look forward to my group calls each and every week! Thank you for such an awesome experience of love and support at such a difficult time in life! "
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"I attended Hope Rising 2019 and I completed Harboring Hope. Harboring Hope was just what I needed. It helped to shake me up. I felt like I had read everything out there on infidelity, but Harboring Hope is about healing independent of my husband's course. It's not just about the trauma (oh I had that), it's about moving beyond trauma. Week by week in Harboring Hope, I could see that I had come a long way in my healing, but I also was able to identify the areas where I was still blocked from healing. During Harboring Hope I recognized resentments that I had toward past therapists, former affair partners who I did not know, the list goes on. I had let these resentments steal my energy, my joy, my power. I would encourage women who are considering Harboring Hope and thinking that it is too late, it was so long ago, I'm healed enough, etc, etc. to give it a try. Do it. You may be surprised as I was. I really am on my way to complete recovery."
- L. Texas | HH Participant
"I really like the options that are given in each chapter to let us know we may not be at that point yet. It gives us the grace to know that it is ok and the knowledge on how to go through it when we each get there. It is giving us tools for the present and future. Thank you for this wonderful program. It has both influenced my life and well being, along with the restitution process of my marriage. I will be forever great full!"
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"So thankful that we took this course. It has greatly improved our communication! So much work still to be done, look forward to continued healing of ourselves and our marriage! A big Thank you to our Group Leader!!! Your encouragement, wisdom, and kindness will always be appreciated!! Blessings!!!"
- K. Arizona | EMSO Participant
"This [Week 6] exercise was really powerful. I’ve told my husband so many times that if he could feel how I felt, he would be a lot more sensitive. I’m realizing now that if I could feel how he’s feeling when he is expressing regret and disappointment in himself related to his cheating, that would help me really believe him and move forward. I feel like this exercise helped us in trying to understand the other’s heart."
- L. New York | EMSO Participant
"This is the best thing we could have ever done for our relationship following infidelity. I don't know that we would make it without EMS Online. I now have hope."
- R. South Carolina | EMSO Participant
"It was such a blessing to share with our group leader this evening. Her vulnerability in sharing her story was inspiring and she brought so much insight to our topic this week of Brokenness. I’m going to have to sit with the content of this lesson for a lot longer than a week. There is just a lot to unpack in myself, but it was very straightforward. Seeing the pride vs. brokenness quiz in black and white was truly eye opening for me."
- E. Texas | HFH Participant
"Thank you for everything, both Harboring Hope and my Group Leader! It has been an amazing journey for me and helped me immensely in the past 3 months. I didn't think this course would have the impact it made in my life and recovery. This course has truly saved me and gave me the tools, strength and support to keep moving forward and not waiver at the immense pain that I feel and will continue to face. "
- Y. Canada | HH Participant
"Going through the EMS Online course was so integral to jump starting our healing journey. It provided tools that have helped us communicate better and develop more empathy for one another. This is the 1st time my husband finally gets the trauma betrayal causes. Our leaders were wonderful, gracious, and encouraging throughout the entire course. Thank you for giving back and helping others "
- J. NJ | EMSO Participant
"Learning about the 2 different types of forgiveness, how it is actually for the person forgiving and how it is a vital part of recovery to reach the point of the ability to forgive was very valuable information. [Week 9's] chapter was very eye opening and thought provoking. Our group leader was great, as always. She is very knowledgeable and understanding to our needs. She is such a blessing."
- R. IN | EMSO Participant
"The group of women in our call are all so helpful in sharing and discussing our current situations. This has been a lifesaver for me as I so often feel alone in this process."
- D. CO | HFH Participant
"I never thought I could forgive my husband, I planned on attending EMS Online to say I tried something before getting a divorce. Instead we have transformed our marriage and intimacy to levels I never knew were possible and we had a strong marriage before the infidelity. I am so grateful we found Affair Recovery."
- G. IL | EMSO Participant
"Real men - real problems - real solutions - and a hope for a life Worth Living."
- T. TX | HFH Participant
"This course saved my marriage, but even more importantly, saved my sanity, self-esteem, and health. Before it, I had lost hope and was trying to recover alone and heartbroken, second-guessing my sense of reality. Now I see how much I have in common with others, and also see a common goal that we as a couple are committed to. "
- S. Switzerland | EMSO Participant
"I have just completed EMS Online with my husband. Before undertaking the 13 week course of late-night calls (European time!) we were suffering so badly from the trauma of my affair that I was sure our marriage would inevitably collapse. There was constant anger and flooding and we were totally rudderless. The course has had an immense impact: I have learned a lot about why I acted out and that is very important to me. My husband has gotten a serious grip on his anger and as a result we are able to communicate reasonably and in a productive and loving way that leads us to believe we can eventually make it out of this mire. There were two other unfaithful women in our particular small group which was a happy surprise as I was worried about being the only unfaithful woman in the group. We are not religious people but we have been able to participate fully in EMS Online and enjoy the fruits of the group dynamic. In our situation it has been crucial to have the support of the group and this is ongoing. During my EMS Online experience I learned the small but beautiful art of 'Hearfelt Listening' which was a revelation to me and has helped soothe my husband to no end. I couldn't recommend this course more. It offers and delivers hope, support and a road-map to recovery. It's an immense feeling to know you are not alone."
- I. Ireland | EMSO Participant
"I have just completed Harboring Hope. Almost one year ago I discovered that my wife had an affair. I was unable to heal or move out of the pain for 9 months. Then, I found Affair Recovery. I found hope in the online video blogs posted by Samuel on YouTube. It seemed like someone finally understood what I was going through. No therapist we visited was equipped to deal with our situation. The counselors and therapists that we had seen were not specialists in this field and although they meant well, It was like we had been visiting our general physician for a cancer of which they were not trained to treat. We signed up for the EMS Weekend where we experienced more healing in 3 days than we had in the previous 7 months. We left EMS Weekend with optimism. We had a plan, a prescription if you will. This recovery program had worked for many other couples and we now had people who specialized in our problem. I learned how to deal with the trauma I experienced, how to grieve the losses caused by the infidelity, how to forgive and finally how to let go of the pain and move forward. I don't know where I would be without Affair Recovery. I would recommend Affair Recovery to anyone who has been hit with the unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with infidelity in their life. This goes for the faithful as well as the betrayed. I have seen so much healing on both sides of the fence. Whether you are just finding out, or stuck in an unforgiving bitterness cycle that has taken over your life, there are people at Affair Recovery that can help you. Don't try and do this alone. There is hope and it's not just a program. These people care and will help you to not let such a devastating event define or destroy your life. Thank you to Affair Recovery for the healing I have received. I won't ever be able to repay it."
- S. TX | HH Participant
"I have been with Affair Recovery for over a year. After much searching online, I was giving up hope of finding a place that suited my needs as a betrayed husband. Married for 28 years but separated at the moment as my wife still shows no empathy nor has she recommitted to the marriage. She is still in an affair and discovery was almost three years ago. I finally signed up for Harboring Hope after listening to Rick and Samuel's many videos. I was nervous about spending money on Harboring Hope, especially after going to a couple of counselors that just made things worse. I was personally struggling with isolation and desperately trying to find which way was up and needed guidance with my thought process. Harboring Hope brought so much clarity! Hearing the stories of the guys in my group brought a sense of relief. They were part of my journey and our Group Leader was a regular guy that has experienced infidelity. They know what it feels like! I can say that I finally feel like I'm starting to heal even without help from my wife. I have a ways to go yet but Harboring Hope and the resources Affair Recovery provide are the best I know of or have found. Rick, Samuel, Leslie, John and my Group Leader from my Harboring Hope class . . . Thank you!!! God Bless you! One more thing. I know a couple of guys who have taken Harboring Hope more than once, and I now know why."
- G. FL | HH Participant
"Hope for Healing was very helpful in providing me tools to deal with some of the challenges I was facing. It helped me to be okay with things beyond my control and encouraged me in knowing that I can only be responsible for things pertinent to me and/or my own recovery, I am confident that this will prove to be better for my spouse in the end."
- M. CA | HFH Participant
"When I found AR and Hope for Healing I was at rock bottom. I had blown up my marriage and had relapsed after an episode of infidelity previously. I needed help. Hope for Healing was a safe place where I didn't have to pretend to be "normal". I could be my flawed self. In those first few weeks, I sat in my misery and my group sat with me without complaint and with support. Ours was an interesting group in terms of both age group as well as stage of our relationships. I can say without a doubt that without Hope for Healing, I could not have made the shift I wanted in myself that has brought about the work of reconciliation in our marriage. I am thankful each day for the work that the group leaders put in to support people like me so that we can find our "true" selves and the path to a better, clearer, more authentic life. I thank Hope for Healing and Affair Recovery from the bottom of my heart for all they have done and am certain God put them in my path to save me. It is my sincere hope that others may find the same salvation I have found through this course."
- A. MD | Hope for Healing Participant
"It was so helpful having a tangible workbook to work through every week, and weekly emails with links to articles on betrayal and recovery. The online library with resources of articles is golden. "
- E. TX | Harboring Hope Participant
"We embark on this journey we did not ask to take clueless as to how to recover. I found Harboring Hope to be a beacon in the darkness allowing me to begin my recovery journey in a healthy manner. "
- M. MN | HH Participant
"Knowing that once a week I was going to have a safe place to work on my recovery, was my bright spot in some otherwise very dark and difficult weeks. Thank you Harboring Hope for helping me though."
- A. CO | HH Participant
"I found the videos and curriculum to be very helpful in dealing with the many facets of healing from my spouse’s infidelity, and the group calls were such a great place of venting, learning, encouragement, and support. I’m very thankful I could take this course."
- B. TX | HH Participant
"When I first found out about my husbands infidelity I thought my story is the worse story - the length, the actions, etc. There was shame with that discovery. But through Harboring Hope I found I was not alone, that others also understand the deep pain of the journey and can share empathy, encouragement and hope with you. "
- P. OH | HH Participant
"It was wonderful to be around other betrayed spouses who made me feel normal and didn't judge me, but only supported me. It was so helpful!"
- K. NH | HH Participant
"The content of Harboring Hope - the videos, and the coursework were key in helping me to find words and meaning to my suffering. It became a joy to devote time each week to healing and finding peace. Then discussing openly my feelings, my struggles, and my triumphs with others who knew exactly the pain I was experiencing was so indispensable. I left the calls each week smiling and feeling a sense of relief and encouragement. It really did "Harbor Hope" for me. "
- S. GA | HH Participant
"I cannot express how thankful I am that I enrolled in Harboring Hope. I had been looking at it for a while and the cost deterred me, but this course is truly priceless. I feel more hopeful for the future and closer to God than I can express. The workbook and instructors were so helpful, knowledgeable and it was all easy to read and listen to. The small group calls were one of the biggest blessings. Sharing my story and knowing I was in a safe space to be heard and have women know what I was going through meant the world to me. I'm going to miss this course and plan on re-reading it as soon as I'm done!"
- B. VA | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope was essential is helping deal with the loss and pain of my husbands 5 betrayal. Having others who had experienced this type of betrayal to discuss matters with was priceless."
- A. USA | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope gave me the opportunity to bond with other betrayed women so I wouldn’t feel so isolated or alone. Typically, infidelity is a taboo topic of conversation, but Harboring Hope provided a safe environment in which to share our respective experiences. The course, as well as my faith, helped me to believe that in the long run I will be fine, regardless of the outcome of my marriage."
- R. CA | HH Participant
"Hope for Healing allowed the light bulb to go off for me that pimping, tenderness and grooming is also infidelity and was used to fuel my false self image. I was comforted learning that I shared similiar flaws as the other men in my group. It was the first time i was able to admit that i have issues with lieing, pride and shame. I would recommend the class to everyone, including faithfull men. "
- R. NH | HFH Participant
"Alone... guilt-ridden.... full of shame, and a sense of hopelessness. These feelings to name a few were swirling in a great turmoil within me following D-day. How do I move forward? So many questions unanswered but the sense of isolation was perhaps the hardest to deal with outside of the pain I had brought upon my wife and myself. This course has taken me out of those dark and isolated places. It has been a great sense of peace and comfort to have this community of men to walk this journey with. "
- B. Canada | HFH Participant
"We apprehensively began EMS online because at that time, we were at 14 months past disclosure and felt concern that this course would not be tailored to fit our situation. However, we are so thrilled to share how untrue that turned out to be! The course offers essential information and intimacy building exercises that are excellent tools that serve us well in our struggle for peace, hope, strength, and love. Married for life, here we come! "
- C. Canada | EMSO Participant
"I was very worried about signing up for EMSO. I knew we needed help, but I'm such a private person I could not imagine talking about his affair to strangers. It was such a relief to find it so helpful, so supportive, both to me as the betrayed but also to the unfaithful spouse. I have finished the course feeling so much better about myself and my marriage. "
- C. Portugal | EMSO Participant
"It was great to connect with people that will hopefully be friends for life! "
- W. MN | EMSO Participant
"I was initially skeptical of this course but even before registration found AR to be quickly responsive and positive to questions and problems quickly solved via email. From delivery of the course materials to the end of the course AR are always helpful and there for you. The course content is hard as stated in the literature but from the first call I was won over by the openness and honesty of everyone within our small group, particularly our mentors. It was a relief to be able to talk to others, without fear, who are in the same situation and can help and empathize. A great support system to have on my journey to a better life and marriage. I just wish I'd known what I know now before my infidelity. (It probably would not have happened but we, unfortunately, can not change our past) Can't recommend AR strongly enough!!"
- S. Portugal | EMSO Participant
"After talking to a counselor for about a year, this class was by far the best thing for us. Talking to the counselor helped a bit, but through the homework we did in this class, it helped us talk about the issues we are facing. There was clearly a specific order of topics that helped us to work through the pain and discovery and eventually leading us toward the hope of trusting again. The other benefit, talking to other couples in the same situation, with the same pain as my marriage. I thank them for their honesty."
- B. OR | EMSO Participant
"It was absolutely amazing the way we able to have non escalated conversations about what happened, what lead up to the affair happening and what we could do to recover from it. Our marriage would not have made it without this course. We are so thankful for the material, the homework (even the tough weeks and conversations) the videos and Q&A to know that we're not crazy for the way this has affected us. Thanks again for the Hope of our marriage not just surviving but thriving."
- D. FL | EMSO Participant
"AR has saved my marriage. We may have stayed married, but it would not have been the marriage it should be. One of Samuel's videos was the breakthrough for my husband. It made the blinders fall off, and he agreed to take EMSO. EMSO has changed both of us. My husband now has empathy, stays present with me, and we are communicating better and more honestly than ever before. And I found a community that completely understands what I am going through. I found out I am not alone. "
- J. FL | EMSO Participant
"This program turned my outlook from very, very little hope to great hope for a better future together. It provided the tools needed to move me forward from my "stuck" position. This is better than weekend to remember, although that helps a marriage, this addresses our issue in the length and way I so desperately needed, being the betrayed in the relationship. Hopeful again!"
- C. TX | EMSO Participant
"Thank you Affair Recovery, our Group Leader, and the Community calls for all your efforts to help rebuild marriages. When we started the EMS Online our marriage was a mess. We both did not feel safe; opening ourselves up to the other. Communication was lacking, feelings of frustration, and a lot of hurt kept us from moving forward in our marriage. EMS Online has given us tools to rebuild our marriage. We have learned how to be vulnerable, heartfelt listening, how to work with anger, learning to enjoy each other, and lots more. Another marriage healing. Thank you so much."
- L. Florida | EMSO Participant
"After getting caught in one affair, I was still holding back and trying to protect my image. Hope for Healing convinced me I had to become broken and tell all. My wife and I have been slowly working towards recovery and I owe whatever success I have had to God and this program. I cant say enough about how much Affair Recovery has helped me and us. I completed Hope for Healing and volunteered to be a mentor during another class. I want to stay connected. My wife and I hope to do the EMS weekend soon. Thanks to Rick and his organization!"
- D. Ohio | HFH Participant
"...The material is great but more importantly I looked forward to the call each week because of the connections. It was a safe place for me to talk about the week without judgement, release, learn some things to help in my recovery, talk about books & other resources and to know that I am not alone. The group leader was consistent; she did not miss a call and was helpful. She encouraged us to reach out to her. I recommend this course to any woman who needs help with recovery."
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"At the beginning I thought this was all hogwash, but after about 4 weeks I realized most of the information we were going over I could actually relate to and felt the course was written for me..."
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"Having support of others struggling in the same way as me was such a help. Knowing that there is hope for my marriage and getting the tools to make our marriage better was wonderful! "
- K. TN | HFH Participant
""I was able to look at my issues that made me choose infidelity clearly for the first time, and I was able to work with a group of people who were understanding and non-judgmental.""
- S. MS | HFH Participant
"In the face of betrayal, it seems impossible to take care of yourself - much less others around you. But Harboring Hope gives hurt spouses the opportunity to develop self-love and self-care on a journey of self-recovery. To any betrayed women or men out there, just know you are worth it and one of the best things you can do right now is take care of you by joining Harboring Hope! "
- A. TX | HH Participant
"It was a game changer in my healing from betrayal to finally have a group of people comfortable with my pain and the amount of time it takes to heal. I couldn't work on the big picture when just day to day I felt abandoned, judged and afraid. It was an isolating process until I joined Harboring Hope."
- N. OR | HH Participant
"Before finding Harboring Hope, I was desperate in my situation. I knew of no other couples dealing with infidelity, and I felt so alone and isolated. It was comforting to have other women to share my feelings and pain with. Before the course, I felt like a normal life was over for me. Now I have hope for the future. "
- A. Canada | HH Participant
"The Week 6 curriculum is very emotional. It's intense but a major breakthrough in my recovery. Hearing my husband's assignment was like removing every thorn in my heart."
- S. California | EMSO Participant
"It was astounding to see this process as I go along. Seeing myself at exactly the time I needed that particular lesson to get me on track or to remind me that’s not where I should be. This is definitely a process that needs to happen for both betrayed and betrayer. Thank you."
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"The EMSO was a life saver! Just to know I wasn't alone and my feelings and emotions were "normal" was so helpful. I don't think my marriage has a chance without this course. I would recommend this course for anyone facing infidelity! It's a life like and a ray of hope."
- T. California | EMSO Participant
"While the [Week 2] lesson was a more difficult lesson to get through because of the topic, the workbook and videos were excellent. I especially appreciated that the mentor video was from a couple who had been married for so long and had so many years of infidelity. Talk about providing hope! I know that how things progress depends on how the much work we are willing to put into this. I have struggled with trust, stemming back from 7 years ago... I had no idea how to address it. ...Reading the part about safety and honesty, instead of focusing on where is the trust, was so freeing and provided hope for both of us. We have made more progress in two weeks in our marriage, than we have in the last 7 years! I think part of that is realizing how to understand our mate and what they might be going through. And it definitely helps that we are both willing to work through this together. You have provided a means that my husband was able to open up about things he has held in our entire marriage, because he felt safe! Thank you for that!"
- K. Wisconsin | EMSO Participant
"Being in a group that understands and empathizes with the challenges of infidelity was a blessing. I needed people I could talk to without a filter and without tiptoeing through the recovery discussions with my wife. HH and my group was a life line for me."
- B. AK | HH Participant
"As an unfaithful wife, I felt like I didn't have anywhere to turn for help. I was too embarrassed to discuss what I had done with family and friends. Finding Hope for Healing that was comprised of wives who made the same horrible mistake I had made was encouraging. I felt like it was one of the few times that I truly felt understood in this process. Others knew how difficult the struggle could be sometimes and were there to support me without judgment."
- J. OH | HFH Participant
"Great videos, great material, challenging assignments, and frank conversations. Everyone who gets married should have to do a course like this prior to and periodically during marriage, even without infidelity, to help keep them on track personally and relationally."
- T. VA | HFH Participant
"I really appreciated the safe place to share, when the week had been rough or even good with my spouse. No judgement or criticism, just understanding."
- S. TX | EMSO Participant
"...We are learning and applying so much of what we are learning in this course. It's amazing... I have talked about it a lot with my therapist and she too has been amazed. I'm so very glad that God led me to your organization and the people in our group!! Thank you for doing what you do!!"
- K. Pennsylvania | EMSO Participant
"I was searching for a way out of my affair. I was having an affair with the one father in a group of stay at home moms. It lasted eight months. It was sexual and emotional. I thought I was supposed to leave my husband and two children. I knew nothing good would come out of this selfish act. My husband discovered pictures/videos of my affair partner-revealing to him an emotional and sexting affair, but not the full truth. I made a huge mistake of continuing to speak to my affair partner after discovery. And fell back into patterns that were inexcusable. After several failed attempts and opportunities to exit the affair, I knew I could not do it on my own. After literally searching google for "living in limbo with affair partner," I came across an article from I signed up for Hope for Healing within the week. I was so hopeful for a return to my family. I had no idea the amount I would learn about myself and my behaviors and thoughts that lead me to my affair. The most important thing I learned in the Hope for Healing course was how to prevent further false thinking and behaviors that could lead to infidelity. I will admit I was deeply terrified of full disclosure to my husband (he didn't know anything past the first disclosure, and believed I had stopped seeing the affair partner). Trust in the process and the support of the group lead my to know God's love and grace in a way I never understood before. I have been without hope. This course and website are so valuable to me through the hope that it has brought me and to my family."
- A. Europe | HFH Participant
"As the [betrayed] Spouse-- the curriculum is " spot on". The conference calls has made me see and feel that all my feelings, thoughts , emotions, etc are validated and normal--- with the nightmare of infidelity. And--- finally after months and months --- my spouse is finally " getting it". I truly have hope now."
- L. West Virginia | EMSO Participant
"... this should be a mandatory class prior to marriage.... I had a completely wrong idea about what marriage really is. I definitely learned a lot of new tools that I would like to apply in the future. Thank you again to great feedback and support...."
- N. Ontario | EMSO Participant
"Harboring Hope was a life saver for me. I looked forward to the readings and small group chats every week. Although our group was on a first name basis, I feel like I know have a group of ladies who have become apart of one another's lives."
- E. Canada | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope walked me along my path of recovery after my husband's infidelity. It was helpful to talk with others experiencing similar emotions and struggles that I was feeling. Knowing that the facilitators, and everyone associated with Affair Recovery has been through infidelity, was reassuring. Everyone was very empathetic to me. I highly recommend this course! "
- K. PA | HH Participant
"I was told this was a transformative weekend. I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks."
- EMSW Participant
"If you are the least bit hesitant for any reason, I strongly encourage you to take a leap of faith. The healing power of working in a small group was beyond my comprehension when I started. Now, I am a firm believer that true healing begins when you are surrounded by others like you, who have walked in your shoes, and can support you on this crazy rollercoaster of recovery. The Hope for Healing course has completely changed my life! I am a different person than I was when I started 17 weeks ago. I learned more about myself than I have in years and years of personal therapy. The shame I have been carrying around is finally dissipating. I have gained so much more than just knowledge. I have a sense of self worth and self esteem that never existed before. I have a new outlook on life. I have hope! These intangible things are priceless. "
- M. Washington | HFH Participant
"I can'tell imagine how I would have gotten through my recovery without this course. I have gained insight, healing, and freedom. The curriculum was phenomenal! "
- T. Florida | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope was incredibly healing for me. I finally was able to face the pain head-on and actually learn how to grieve, how to forgive, how to let go. Have I conquered these things now? No, but I have a path to move forward on, and sisters to walk with. I highly recommend this class. "
- A. Florida | HH Participant
"I thought that because the initial betrayal took place years ago, and even though I found out the truth only one year ago, that I should just ''get over it''. The feelings and emotions I was experiencing every moment, was destructive to me and my family. Harboring Hope brought me to a place of realization and help, that I NEVER thought I could be at. Thank you so much. This was a life saver for myself and my marriage."
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"EMS Online was helpful to us. My husband, the unfaithful, contacted Affair Recovery out of desperation for help. It was 3 months after discovery and we had no one to turn to or direction to go. Affair Recovery gave us something constructive to do to help us understand our situation and to know there were others who have experienced similar heartbreak and recovered. It encouraged us to read the lessons and use the workbook to relate to each other and stir some intimate conversation that otherwise wouldn't have been there at this difficult time. "
- J. Virginia | EMSO Participant
"Hope for healing breaks you down and builds you back up in 17 weeks. The hopelessness at the beginning of the class was replaced with tools, recovery direction and hope for the future. I got to find out who I really am and what I can be. "
- M. Washington | HFH Participant
"Since D-Day, I've struggled at showing empathy towards my wife and what I did to her world. My first personal counselor stated "you sound awful cavalier about what you did" which brought me up short and continued to bother me to this day. This course had some exercises that forced me into my wife's world and I now understand better how much I hurt her heart. That alone was well worth the price. "
- J. Nevada | HFH Participant
"It was a great way to share with others who are struggling to understand their feelings, pride, and shame. We were able to be open without criticism. I feel like a new man and in a happier place after Hope for Healing."
- B. Europe | HFH Participant
"I was so intimidated by the thought of telling my story and feeling vulnerable to strangers but the ladies in my small group accepted me and my struggles with love and support and constant uplifting encouragement. Thank you HFH."
- T. South Carolina | HFH Participant
"Awesome overall - there is so little help and real guidance out there for people in our situations. This program has been amazing - giving clear direction, addressing real issues and the wealth of experience and mentoring from people who have been there themselves makes it absolutely invaluable. Putting us in touch with people in the same situation, where we can hear others speak our truths validates our feelings and helps us make sense of what is happening. This program rescued me from a deep dark pit and got me moving forward, where 18 [months] of counselling had failed in every respect. Thank you thank you than kyou - you are life savers - keep doing what you do."
- V. New Zealand | HH Participant
"Anyone who reads this should invest in the Harboring Hope class and by doing so you are investing in your recovery. When I didn't know where to turn and it seems as if my individual counseling sessions where not deep enough for me to handle the infidelity along with my husbands sudden departure to go and be with his affair partner, I turned to the 13 week course. I am now at the end of the course and yes I am hesitant; however, I have the tools, guidance from God, and work book to refer to as well as 6 individuals that I have heard go through the same things that I have; therefore, I don't feel so alone now. I am able to keep in contact with them and I hope to be helping others in a year or two. Thank you Harboring Hope's Leslie and John."
- H. CO | HH Participant
"Just days before EMS Weekend, I asked my [betrayed] wife to get a refund. Now, [Sunday] I wish it was Friday again, and I had this same weekend to relive. As painful as some of it is, the experience is something I never would have wanted to miss. "
- EMSW Participant
"Is heart surgery good? Yes, when necessary but it is still super painful. Is EMSO good? Yes, it was like heart surgery for me: painful and necessary. As the betrayed, I went into the course wanting structure and community with others who were walking the same road. I didn't know at the time that I also needed to truly grieve the situation. But through the weeks, I got it all. The structure is great, keeping you thinking, digging, processing, praying and talking to each other. The chance to meet and share with other women who truly understood was so good. The chance to give me a safe place to wake up to my emotions and grief and really look into my life and our relationship was wonderful. We are still on the road, but EMSO gave us tools and framework for healing. Would we still be together without it? Probably, but it possibly would be like putting a band aid on a heart that needed surgery. Thank you so much for our scholarship. It was a blessing to do the course without worrying about how to pay for it. "
- E. Texas | EMSO Participant
"We are in the Netherlands... just finished EMS Online with calls early in the morning. It is killing at times... but for us: it was all more than worth the trouble.... I had a hard time sleeping anyway, waking up early and sometimes being awake for hrs. A conference call with good people in the same boat [was] great. And I never slept better than after the calls.... Get Skype to work on your device, it is easy, worked best for us on the iPad. Really, I highly recommend it as you gain so much from it..."
- E. Netherlands | EMSO Participant
"Overall, without EMS Weekend 2 months ago, and all the tools it offers, my husband and I would not be where we are now, and might have, in fact, been divorced by now. I thank God that Rick created Affair Recovery to help couples. Thank you thank you thank you!"
- EMSW Participant
"I cannot believe how far I have come since EMS weekend just a couple of months ago. At that time, I could not even envision where we are now. Looking to a future of "better than". Thank you."
- EMSW Participant
"I cannot say enough about the EMS Online curriculum. It is challenging, biblical, thorough, and life changing. I have learned so much about myself, God, and my spouse. Thank you Affair Recovery for changing my life and my marriage. Our group leader, Greg, led us with strength, hope, and humor. So thankful for him and our time in EMS Online. Thank you so much."
- D. Texas | EMSO Participant
"I cannot say enough about what this course has meant to my husband and me and the impact it has had. We are using the techniques daily; especially the Pyramid of Truth and L.I.F.E. I came looking for a way to save my marriage and sanity and I found a new way to live, choosing life, not death. Getting to ground zero was a big challenge for us. My husband had many secrets and a great deal of shame around them, things he had never told anyone. I was so discouraged at the time of our last D-Day to get a bunch of new information. I revisited Rick's words about viewing this as progress and wrote our Group Leader for advise as to whether or not we should separate at that point. She reminded me that it is progress and told me to do what God is telling me to do. That was the best advise I could have gotten. God was and is calling me to stay, fight for redemption and heal. My husband is working so hard to heal and rebuild and I know that is a blessing that not everyone has. Surely God's Grace is delivered through Affair Recovery and the Saints who work there. Thank you and I look forward to Harboring Hope and Married for life along with our private counseling and the extraordinary life to come. Our Group Leader did an amazing job as our mentor. She always seemed to know just what to say and met everyone where they were. Her hope and faith is contagious. I am so glad God sent her to us or us to her. Either way it is pure Grace."
- M. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"So happy we completed the EMS Online course. It was exactly what we needed to restore our marriage & give us hope. We would recommend this program to everyone seeking help dealing with infidelity in a marriage."
- L. Illinois | EMSO Participant
"The chapters in the EMS Online workbook are spot on. I have obtained valuable new tools to better deal with my life. This has been an amazing course and I honestly look forward to our group meetings each week."
- B. Kentucky | EMSO Participant
"Each week of this program confirms the fact that without a structured group support system in place, we would have had very little chance of staying married beyond 2 years post Discovery-Day. During every group call, I feel privileged to be sharing this most personal, private and important journey."
- A. United Kingdom | EMSO Participant
"Well before this course i had no direction nor a real way to get my husband to cooperate, but this course provided so much insight."
- V. Canada | HH Participant
"From Week 9 of EMS Online: The curriculum on forgiveness was excellent. I would also like to say that am really seeing the value in the group experience. I felt the heartfelt sincerity from an unfaithful female in our group as she shared her assignment with her husband. I felt so much empathy for the shame and suffering she was going through. I realized that my husband is just as sorry and hurting from this as she is and has also expressed that very well and thoughtfully. Having empathy for her, because I am looking at her situation from the outside, helps me to have empathy for my husband. Due to the high profile nature of both of our jobs, we could not participate in a group like this locally, it just wouldn't work for us. We are so thankful for this online group experience."
- M. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"Very impressed with our Group Leader. He always encourages us to add our thoughts, to be comfortable sharing, and to use our Small Group Wall more. The EMS Online curriculum has definitely been on target with addressing issues that haven't been addressed as directly in previous counseling type settings we've experienced."
- P. Louisiana | EMSO Participant
"At first I was unsure if HH was something that I wanted to commit to. I knew I needed something more than what I was getting from meeting weekly with my counselor, so I eventually decided to enroll. I feel God lead me to HH and it was exactly what I needed. In my darkest hours and when my world was turned upside down, I found support from others and a safe place to openly discuss my hurts and fears. I felt like I wasn't alone. There was power in sharing my story with others and hope that I would not remain in the valley of darkness forever. I am much stronger today than when I first began HH, and regardless of what will happen in my marriage, I have hope for my future and I know I will be ok. Thank you for offering HH, it has been an amazing blessing in my life and I am forever grateful! "
- J. KS | HH Participant
"The Affair Recovery website has become a touchstone for me since the revelation of my husband's affair 14 months ago. After nearly a year of suffering in isolation (having chosen not to reveal his affair to our family and friends) I joined Harboring Hope, and it has been truly life changing. Not only are the materials important, but the group itself is a tremendous help. Reading the book, taking the time to think through answers to the questions, really allowed me to process each step of recovery -- the disclosure of information, the depth of betrayal, the steps to take in healing. It is absolutely essential for a betrayed spouse to take the time for PERSONAL HEALING, rather than just focusing on healing the marriage. And having a group of women to talk to felt like a tremendous weight off of my shoulders. Each of circumstances was different, and yet we were all in the same boat together. I have found it very easy to blame myself for my husband's affair. And yet, when one of the women in my group did this, I leapt to her defense. When I realized this -- it isn't her fault that her husband had an affair, so why am I blaming myself for mine? -- it was eye opening. There were women who are navigating through this alone, with their husbands, and in a state of uncertainty. Yet all of us provided support to one another. I have made friends for life through this course."
- D. IL | HH Participant
"We were so desperate to find help and direction, and every hope we had for this course was fulfilled, and more. We will take the lessons learned forward with us, reviewing them as often as needed. There is really no way to measure the hope we have found in these 13 weeks. The EMSO course and format taught us more in this short time than we learned on our own in 31 years of marriage. Our relationship is already richer than it's ever been, and we have incredible hope for a very happy future. "
- J. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"This is a wonderful program. It has given us insights that have helped us move forward and understand what to do and how to do it better. Even if we don't make it (I hope to) we will be able to move on individually in a much healthier way."
- T. Illinois | EMSO Participant
"My husband was blind to his infidelity prior to starting EMS Online. The curriculum, as early as just 2 weeks in, along with his personal story, enabled him to see the truth about the way he has lived his life, for which I am thankful. As a betrayed spouse, I felt supported by the curriculum."
- J. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"I thought I was going crazy, a complete failure, and everyone around me was in a healthy place. It was good to know that none of this was true. E - California"
- E. California | HH Participant
"Learning every week! Wish we would have done this program over anything else! We would have saved time, money & pain!! Thank you so much for all you are doing!!"
- D. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"Without community and support, getting through infidelity is impossible. I am so grateful that I found AR as it literally saved our marriage. Finding others that have experienced the same thing creates a safe environment and allows for true healing to begin. It was worth each and every penny. Hands down."
- T. Texas | EMSO Participant
"The material is great and very in-depth. I see myself all over the pages which makes me feel quite validated so I no longer feel crazy and alone. Thank you for sharing hope, it is a great blessing! My Group Leader is fabulous. Her care and compassion really shine through and her voice is very comforting, too!"
- L. Florida | HH Participant
"I was very nervous to get started with the first group call, however, within just a few minutes of listening to our Group Leader, she made me feel comfortable! Our Leader has a wonderful heart and we were able to hear it in her voice during each weekly call. We could feel how she cared for us and what we were going through during our highs and lows of this 13 week course. Excellent group leader!"
- N. Pennsylvania | EMSO Participant
"It's so nice to know that I'm not the only person going through this and feeling this way. Every little bit of the curriculum reinforces this for me. So even if the curriculum was terrible, and it's definitely not, it would be well worth it. Thank you so much for being here for all of us. I look forward to learning how to come out of all of this hurt as a better person and couple."
- A. Colorado | EMSO Participant
"This curriculum was so helpful for us to begin this recovery process. Rick has been an amazing communicator and we also gleaned a lot of great information from the weekly videos of the mentors. We will be forever grateful!"
- D. North Carolina | EMSO Participant
"As we are going through this course, we are seeing how good and thorough it is. I wish we would have taken this course years ago!!! It would have saved us much heartache and pain. It has been much better than ANY of the counseling we've had. We have paid over $10,000 for other seminars, counseling, etc, but nothing comes close to Affair Recovery. This is the best affair recovery resource we've seen or experienced. Thank you!"
- T. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"Infidelity is a painful and confusing bump in the road of life, and even worse, you can't talk to friends or family for support! You find yourself surfing the Internet or reading books full of generalities. Your therapist just wants to talk about your mother. In contrast, EMS Online gives you professional guidance and a support group of other couples in crisis. Whatever you decide to do about your marriage, you will have a healthier future if you complete one of the programs from Affair Recovery. If you're not spiritual, replace the word "God" with "hope" to get the most from this wonderful program. "
- C. Maryland | EMSO Participant
"This course has, hands down, provided the best information on recovering from infidelity and strengthening a marriage. EMS Online provided a personal sense of accountability with weekly readings and group meetings. I can't say enough positive things about this course. I feel for anyone who has been thrust into this horrible situation, but know that this course has the opportunity to provide so much hope and healing. Thank you for helping provide the groundwork to a stronger marriage, that is priceless for myself, my husband, and children."
- S. Michigan | EMSO Participant
"EMSO helped me to realize this isn't something to just forget and move on from. I realized it is okay to talk about the affair and walk through the pain with others like us."
- B. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"This course literally saved my marriage. Watching the videos, working through the written material, and sharing our personal struggles and triumphs with other couples who were going through the same thing gave me and my husband a chance to restore what was lost and heal from the wounds my infidelity had caused. We are in a much better place now. We have a whole new intimacy we'd never had in all the years we were married. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless this ministry"
- D. Illinois | EMSO Participant
"For the first time in my life, the Hope for Healing course has allowed for me to truly look at myself as a person and to realize I have faults like others."
- W. Texas | HFH Participant
"Hope for Healing helped me to see myself as a person with hope for the future and not just a mistake because of what I've done in my past. Finally I feel worthy and genuinely happy as well as authentic. It's tough work - but so worth the payoff! "
- S. Texas | HFH Participant
"I can't imagine my husband and I recovering from my infidelity without Hope for Healing. This course taught me to look at myself and what I'd done with rigorous honesty and to understand and love my wounded husband the way he needs me to. It is absolutely true that this course and my hard work have helped me turn the worst thing that ever happened into a very good thing. I feel centered, calm, hopeful, and in love with my husband now after the course. I know that we can work through anything together, and I'm confident we will be married for life."
- S. Texas | HFH Participant
"We started the Bootcamp 3 days after D-Day and EMSO as soon as an opening was available. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found Affair Recovery so soon after learning of my husband's affair. When he told me that he had engaged in both a physical and emotional affair with a former coworker and close friend, I felt like my whole world was coming to an end. We felt especially alone because we are only in our early 20s, have only been married 2 years, and have no children. Most people in our situation would have walked away. But, after 10 years together, I wasn't prepared to throw it all away and start over. If you feel like there is *anything* worth fighting for in your marriage, you need the resources at Affair Recovery. Hearing the stories of other couples and sharing our own lifted that feeling of isolation--we realized we were definitely not alone. At first I was afraid that taking a course and being open to the possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation was an indirect way of providing permission to betray again. I learned very quickly that is not the case. The marriage we have now is one I never even dreamed of. We still have a lot of work moving forward but I have never been more hopeful for our relationship than I am now. An affair is not something to forget and move on from. It is part of our story now but we've taken the time to walk through the pain and deal with it in a healthy way. "
- B. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"I'm so thankful for this course. It helped my spouse and I methodically work through the recovery process and gave us practical steps to continue moving forward. We were stuck at a place in recovery and this provided a big leap forwarded. I have more hope that we can make it through this now. Thanks to everyone at AR! "
- S. Texas | EMSO Participant
"This course gave my husband and I the tools we needed to stop the screaming and yelling and actually start the healing. Without the help we received, a divorce would be in the works."
- S. Mississippi | EMSO Participant
"I entered the program feeling desperate and confused about my future with my spouse. The program was well designed and well run and we got so much out of it. "
- M. Massachusetts | EMSO Participant
"Harboring Hope was such a wealth of compassion, support, and expert guidance during this intensely painful and disorienting season. And the women in my group are now my "sisters"."
- B. Texas | HH Participant
"Over the past 14 months, I have tackled this painful journey completely on my own. The only person I have spoken to was my husband. HH took me out of my isolation and let me tell my story. It also made me aware that others have a much tougher road than I do."
- R. Canada | HH Participant
"I enjoyed the group discussions. "
- C. Texas | HH Participant
"Thank you to all and to those in this organization who are caring!! To make the wheels turn and to make the whole picture of the pain and anguish real is amazing. I am thankful for all you have taught me....given me and blessed me with. May God bless you...whoever is reading this. May you know that you have touched and reached another broken home, because of what you do. Blessings""
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope is like water to someone dying of thirst. I needed people like me to talk to. And I needed to find ways to think about suffering, hope, and God in all this. "
- D. NC | HH Participant
"If you have any questions about Harboring Hope, know that it was absolutely necessary to my personal recovery. There is no roadmap when your world is shattered by infidelity, but Harboring Hope connects you with a community of men that truly understand the pain, confusion, and all-consuming effect that your spouse's choices have had on your life. I thought I was alone, and didn't know how to move forward - Harboring Hope helped me find other men that provided support while walking through content created specifically for our situation. "
- C. Illinois | HH Participant
"No one really understands how it feels to deal with everything that you have to deal with after an affair is discovered except people that have been there too. It's so nice to be able to hear others going through what I am going through and to be able to talk about the pain/anger/sadness together. I will recommend this to anyone that I come across that needs it. "
- A. Texas | HH Participant
"Sharing the surface of this is hard enough, but sharing the deeper struggles, insecurities, and fears would have been impossible for me. But a group of anonymous women in the same boat as I was, learning and digging deep together, was the safety and acceptance I needed to open up. Speaking aloud the pain, struggle, or even temptation and getting it out into the light took so much of it's power away."
- A. NC | HFH Participant
"The Hope for Healing class had a hugely positive impact on me. Sharing my story for the first time within this safe environment opened up the door to healing. The lessons made me dig really deep to uncover things that needed to be uncovered. Healing has begun. "
- A. Washington | HFH Participant
"It is a huge help to have a plan of action to conquer this pain, and to have a list of things that are detrimental to the healing process."
- S. Texas | HH Participant
"Gaining a better understanding of what happened, what I was going through emotionally, and how to move forward with recovery was invaluable."
- L. USA | HH Participant
"Thank you so much for your wonderful leading and incredible curriculum. Painful at times but necessary for true healing. Thank you for using God's word as the plumb line for your material. Refreshing in today's "economy" of what to do in these situations. May God bless you abundantly. Everyone at Affair Recovey. Thank you. :)"
- J. Ohio | HH Participant
"I realized it was normal to feel the way I did and that there were steps I could take to help myself heal no matter what direction my life took. "
- S. Texas | HH Participant
"I do not know what I would have done had I not found HH. It was an answer to my prayers after my discovery. I not only found a group of ladies that could relate to what I was going through, I found 5 wonderful new sisters that laughed, cried, and prayed with me. I was very blessed with the group I was put into. We have exchanged personal info to be able to be there for each other any time we need. Finding people who could relate to how I was felling made me feel like I wasn't alone in this nightmare I found myself in. It was truly a Godsend."
- C. Texas | HH Participant
"I don't know how I would've gotten through the last three months without the ladies and mediator in Harboring Hope. The fact that we all knew each other from EMS weekend was the best part. I would highly recommend this for the ladies who meet at EMS. There's a connection during small group calls like no other and we are so comfortable to just dig right in to the conversation."
- L. Texas | HH Participant
"There are no words to adequately express what the Harboring Hope course and the level of healing it has brought has meant to me. As a hurt spouse who has endured multiple affairs before finding Affair Recovery and Harboring Hope, I can honestly say I am in a place of strength, healing, and insight I never thought possible. The band of sisters I have gained through my group members will be lifelong friends as we bonded "in the foxhole" of our own shared pain and healing. Our group leader was a source of grace and hope, as the focus was taken off of "saving the marriage" and onto letting God heal and save us as hurt women. As a result, I believe my marriage has great hope. My children have a healthier, stronger mother and role model, and my shield of faith has grown five sizes! The fiery darts will always come, but Harboring Hope and Affair Recovery have given me tools for healing, weapons for defense, and prayer-warrior friends I will have the rest of my life. To put succinctly, this course helped me clothe myself with strength and dignity, so I am truly able to smile at the future (Proverbs 31:25). To feel dignity again and strength to face the future are the two greatest gifts I could have been given in the midst of such desperate and dark hours. It has changed my life and therefore, my children's lives as well. How can I thank you enough? "
- W. United States | HH Participant
"Hope for healing made the difference between salvaging my marriage and being divorced. It has greatly improved our marriage a word a HOME RUN! "
- B. Louisiana | HFH Participant
"It was great to share with other people that knew and understood what I was going through and where I was in the journey. Having a group of women you know aren't judging you because they've been there too was reassuring and made opening up that much easier. The insights you take away from them, the amount of material that makes you think, and the revelations you have about yourself and your nature make Hope for Healing a wonderful, positive, and encouraging journey. "
- C. Texas | HH Participant
"I learned how to be happy again, regardless of what is going on around me. Great, comprehensive information and priceless support for healing. "
- M. Oregon | HFH Participant
"This course helped me process pain effectively and used that pain for good, transforming me and channeling it into love for others. The course also gave me a new perspective that puts hope in even the bleakest of moments and makes me aware of my purpose for living.""
- S. Texas | HFH Participant
"It was great knowing others have the same struggles! "
- A. Texas | HFH Participant
"Without our small group, our marriage may have turned out differently. We're grateful for one another and know that our group feels the same about our presence."
- DT. California | EMSO Participant
"I am quite sure that we would not have been able to see through the mud of infidelity with out the assistance of EMS Online."
- J. Canada | EMSO Participant
"We couldn't find anything like EMS Online around us, with people who understand, who wouldn't judge and would walk through the dark places with us. It has brought healing, hope, and a future to my marriage"
- A. Australia | EMSO Participant
"I think this was a very good course. It helped me and my husband see what our actions have cost our marriage and how many years were wasted in not getting help sooner."
- C. Utah | EMSO Participant
"I think the real key to being able to move forward is learning the right lessons in a non judgemental envvironment. EMS Online shattered alot of preconceived ideas and laid the groundwork for a stronger marriage going forward. "
- E. Neveda | EMSO Participant
"Finding out that my emotions were normal and completely valid made the path to healing a possibility. "
- B. Texas | EMSO Participant
"EMS Online provided us with a safe environment to discuss a deeply personal hurt. It also gave us a road map on how to start a journey of healing for our marriage. "
- D. KS | EMSO Participant
"EMS Online helped us in so many different ways. It was wonderful to have people to reach out to that understood my feelings and thoughts. The support was simply soothing and warm. "
- L. Kansas | EMSO Participant
"We appreciated greatly the communication with others who wanted to save their marriages instead of turning straight to divorce."
- R. South Carolina | EMSO Participant
"It got our marriage out of the darkness and shined a light on important and often challenging issues each week."
- P. California | EMSO Participant
"I was very apprehensive about an online recovery course, but the facilitator and the other couples gave us the courage to stand in the gap and look at situations through each others' eyes.We have hope for a future together! "
- S. Texas | EMSO Participant
"EMSO was going to be my last effort at saving my marriage. This course got us talking about the affair, grouped us with other couples going through the same struggles, and gave us tools and support to deal with our issues. I am hopeful and more committed to working on our marriage."
- D. Kentucky | EMSO Participant
"We tried self-help books and MFTs but this is the first program we did together and actually completed. Absolutely worth it! "
- S. USA | EMSO Participant
"Before the course I was sooooo full of anger and resentment. Thru the 12 weeks my spouse and I learned how to get to ground zero to start fresh and to live again. It feels so good and I feel I have came so far. The feeling of hopelessness is gone and I can see my future! Thank you so much."
- J. South Dakota | EMSO Participant
"Having somebody understand EXACTLY what you are going through makes going through this course worth every penny. Also, having to face the issues that need to be addressed in order to heal WITH your spouse makes all the difference in the world. It was awesome and healing to have my husband "get" the pain I was going through AND for me to understand his too."
- A. Texas | EMSO Participant
""While our marriage is still very much in the healing process, we now no longer feel stuck since taking EMS Online. We feel like we have grown so much over the last few months and that we have a good direction for our marriage. Our communication is definitely more open and we are continuing to learn how to best provide a safe place for each other as we continue healing and recovery.""
- T. Texas | EMSO Participant
"Before finding Affair Recovery, we had seen a few very good counselors. But I still felt lost... like I was so in need of some more specific guidance... something concrete to help us through this confusing & painful situation. Affair Recovery was it! How thankful I am that we found this program. It was a God-send. Things are still hard, but at least we now have some tools to help us work on healing in our marriage"
- M. Washington | EMSO Participant
"My leader was so open and honest about her own journey that it gave me the strength to keep on going and believe that there really is hope for my marriage. "
- P. Washington | HH Participant
"I learned so much more about the workings of infidelity for both the betrayer and betrayed through the workbook. I looked forward to our weekly phone calls; it brought comfort during one of the most unsettling times of my life."
- L. Missouri | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope offered a forum to learn and discuss the pain that is being betrayed with people who can understand in a way no one who hasn't been betrayed can. It allowed me to gain perspective and insight through other's experiences and know I am not crazy, rather human and normal. I am so glad my group was here each week to take me on this journey."
- J. Oregon | HH Participant
"After having struggled in silence with infidelity and heartbreak I was relieved to find Affair Recovery and Harboring Hope. It has helped me a lot to share my pain with other women and start me on the right track towards personal healing."
- T. South Africa | HH Participant
"The women I met in my group are amazing. I have created some life long friendships that I wouldn't otherwise. Given the circumstances of my life right now, it's a special thing to have others that I can connect with, that are going through the same thing."
- N. Idaho | HH Participant
"The combination of the course material and the small group discussion was fabulous. I am confident that I have explored every aspect of recovery and have a strong foundation to continue working on my own. And the group discussions provided a safe forum to delve deeper into my feelings and to get new perspective that I would not have discovered if I was working on this by myself."
- J. Virginia | HH Participant
"Talking with the people in this group was one of the most healing experiences. Through healing together I have found some life long friends."
- C. Alabama | HH Participant
"I just wanted to thank you. I have been participating in the Harboring Hope program and it has truly been such a blessing to me. I feel renewed and hopeful and am loving the support of the other women who understand. "
- S. California | HH Participant
"Just want to say how profound Lesson 3 was. I viewed and re-read it over compulsively this week. Mind-blowing stuff. Very profound insights. "
- M. Colorado | HFH Participant
"EMSO gave me a safe place where I could talk about my past without shame, and being with others who wanted to fight for their marriages gave me the guts to tell "all". That gave me courage to say what I felt I needed to say in order to help others in the same boat! It wasn't just words; you bonded with the others in this "fight" against the forces that be that wanted to destroy our lives. "
- M. California | EMSO Participant
"I expected to meet a group of losers who were going to spend the weekend talking about their feelings. Instead I met other people like me who were “normal” (people w/ problems). We spent time on ‘us’ as a couple and me as an individual – but part of a couple. We confronted our faults, issues, spirituality – we were forced to relook at what God wants for us in our marriage. We realized we need to spend (invest) time on us. We felt connected with the other couples immediately! We developed friendships based on a common experience. I believe this will be a life changing experience. I saw hard hearts softened, I saw beautiful smiles of joy on faces of people who came on Friday devoid of that. Thank you! "
- EMSW Participant
"I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was very anxious. In preparation for coming, I read lots of testimonials online ad was very encouraged. I experienced love, acceptance, empathy, and a very safe place to share. I’m feeling that this weekend has laid a great foundation for our future. I’m encouraged! "
- EMSW Participant
"I expected to get much further down the road of recovery than we are getting with our counselor…and I did. I experienced renewed hope, a safe environment with other hurting people, a set of tools to help, and a compassionate set of counselors who understand. I am feeling hopeful and encouraged. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting to see both of us torn down/devastated, but I was pleased to see both of us treated with grace/respect. I was challenged and pushed to the limit I needed to be pushed, but I understand and benefited because it was done it the Spirit of making me better in addition to benefiting our marriage. I feel better about our marriage today than I have in at least a year and a half."
- EMSW Participant
"My experience from EMS was such a blessing! I was expecting to gain an additional sense of hope. I realized a significant increase in hope for a better life and growth to oneness in God. I grew so much closer to my mate, felt an immense improvement in our increased intimacy. I made connections and new friendships with others seeking to recover and grow closer to God. I am feeling very hopeful about my marriage and my future. Anger management “time out” tools were very valuable. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting it to feel like a counseling session but instead it turned out to be a great way to surface, discuss, and understand some very difficult topics. I am feeling strong and optimistic about our marriage and our future together. "
- EMSW Participant
"Outstanding! As far as expectations, I was just hoping they could help us understand and it did just that and so much more. I am very optimistic about me, my wife, and our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"Really appreciated how they tied together psychology, bio chemistry, and spiritual sides of the affair, the hurt, and the healing"
- EMSW Participant
"All therapists were very helpful and compassionate. I appreciate the spiritual component to the weekend. Food was great and venue was warm and welcoming."
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting to get a boost. I wanted to really face my emotions and process his pain, which I have been able to do. I know we had gotten to a better place in our marriage because we were both willing to come, but I know we needed something that allowed us to move forward. I experienced enlightenment and I found hope. I feel we are going to make it. I think it was helpful to normalize a lot of marriage issues that I thought were specific to us but are very much universal. If everyone is dealing with a lot of the same struggles, it is easier to stay and work on it, otherwise I would leave and find myself in the same predicament again. "
- EMSW Participant
"I really enjoyed my time at EMS. I found the exercises to be engaging and thought provoking and exceedingly helpful for me. I had some expectations of EMS but really worked hard to be open to the teachings and exercises to experience it in its fullness. I believe that our marriage will be restored and that somewhere in the future God will use this somewhere else. "
- EMSW Participant
"We talked to a few people who are alumni of EMS so we had an idea of what to expect. I expected an intense weekend where we would get the tools to help through the pain. I experienced a place of safety and healing. There were people who were understanding and here to help us. It was an unbelievably safe environment where I was free to be me and around people who got it. The counselors were willing to take their time and talk through everyone’s pain, hurt, and discouragement. I have a great hope for our marriage and the future of our family. I know this had nothing to do with me or our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"I experienced acceptance without judgment, yet honesty about my own faults and weaknesses. I’m feeling hopeful about my marriage and the future. "
- EMSW Participant
"EMS was work. Well worth it work. I was expecting to not enjoy my time or get anything out of the weekend, am glad to say I was very wrong. I experienced a new way to look at my marriage, my mate, my life, and myself. I am feeling better about my marriage than when we were first married. God works in mysterious ways. "
- EMSW Participant
"I expected to be pushed into reconciliation and no other choice. I experienced an option to healing/reconciliation. Healing forgiveness by choice and recovery. Reconciliation is something I will have to decide. God is a huge part of it all and He will get me there along with the tools I have acquired and learned about myself and my husband. Long way to go but path worth pursuing. Very challenging weekend but only the beginning to the journey. I’m actually feeling pretty great about the future of my relationship and my spouse which is a miracle in itself! "
- EMSW Participant
"I did not have any expectations or knowledge, so my anxiety was pretty high coming here. Once I got inside the doors I immediately felt calmer and safe. It’s been a constant safe haven and I got way more toward believing in hope for our marriage, which I was not expecting. I now have hope when I was very unsure before. The exercises were all great- I’m so glad we came. Thank you! "
- EMSW Participant
"This program is unlike anything I could have ever expected. God led me and my wife to this program. I came with a great sense of hopelessness and I’m leaving with great hope. I pray that my wife and I will stay the course and look back on this moment at a time when our walk with God is in order, our love for each other is better than ever, and our marriage is renewed. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting a weekend that would provide healing for my husband. I experienced healing for myself. I definitely found some moments of epiphany. "
- EMSW Participant
"There was so much in-depth training on marriage, abiding, and understanding of me as a person and how I work. As a betrayed spouse I can tell you how good it feels to hear my spouse express empathy. This is by far the most emotion and trueness that I have seen from them in 8+ months since the reveal. That was the beginning of healing for me this weekend. There are several things that I will take from this weekend and use in my marriage. I am more hopeful for my marriage after this weekend. I am extremely hopeful for myself as a person after this weekend. "
- EMSW Participant
"Before EMS I had no expectations that I would be able to relax at all. However, after sharing on Friday my story with my small group I knew that I would be heard and understood. I experienced compassion and love and no judgment. Rick brought so much insight and wisdom and made me feel normal. I honestly still don’t know where my marriage is going to go at this point, but I have committed to working on me. "
- EMSW Participant
"My experience at EMS was a dynamic eye-opener into my personal struggles and how I must continue to work at providing myself with a safe environment and to walk with God. I found the testimony of our mentor couple to be very helpful and insightful. It gave me hope that reading was not able to deliver. Actually seeing a success story that was similar in origin to ours was very promising. I feel my marriage will succeed or expire based on my spouse’s choice…as I will continue to follow God and have him guide her hand. Thank you all & God bless your work"
- EMSW Participant
"I really connected with my spouse while in the small group. It was a time to listen to other couples (with the therapist's guidance during discussions) and myself and my husband felt (for whatever reason) more of a heart (God) connection when in community with them. We are hopeful and commit to staying together at this time. We commit to leaving our old relationship in the past."
- EMSW Participant
"I connected with my wife well. We reached our goals for the weekend, I let me shame and humiliation get the best of me at first. I was way out of my comfort zone, but I made friend and saw their progress so far in the weekend. That was rewarding. My marriage has a ton of hurdles in the future, but we’re off to a good start. "
- EMSW Participant
"I didn’t really know what to expect when we came. I experienced truth, love, acceptance, honesty, experience, anxiety, peace. I am feeling hopeful about my marriage for the first time in over two years. I am looking forward to the growth in both of us that this program has kick-started. Thank you!"
- EMSW Participant
"I was not clear before coming to EMS what to expect. All I know is that being in a group of people who are on a similar path gave me encouragement and hope to survive this traumatic experience. I am hopeful and trusting (with God) for new beginnings in our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"I didn’t arrive with expectations, just a little hope and a lot of anxiety. I found a group of caring, safe people looking for the same thing I was. I can’t say it was easy but it was definitely worth it! "
- EMSW Participant
"I learned so much about myself and my wife through this journey and I am so thankful for the personal care given to our relationship by ALL the counselors there. I have hope in the future of my marriage that I didn’t previously have."
- EMSW Participant
"EMS gave me an opportunity to hear what my spouse wanted me to hear. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise."
- EMSW Participant
"The weekend has opened my eyes to the pain I submitted my spouse to. It has given me a deeper understanding what my true commitment to deeper love should & will be. This weekend has showed me how to understand my vulnerability and how to see hers. I am very thankful that we made the decision to come to EMS. Even after 18 months of active recovery we gained so much insight on how to move forward together "
- EMSW Participant
"I’m not sure what I was expecting. I did not guess that it would be so intimate, so freeing, so open, that we would experience so much of the other couples’ journeys. I feel optimistic about our future. Thank you for all your love, support, and for putting this together. Thank you Rick for helping me break through other issues. "
- EMSW Participant
"I really didn’t know what to expect, but my hope was to cut through all the superficial issues of our marriage and get to the core of our problems. My hope was to learn in a deeper way what my wife was about and her journey from her point of view. I was at the end of my marriage, hanging on by a thread, and I needed the help of someone outside my marriage to help. Someone who could understand my wife in a way that would help her understand herself along with me understanding her. What I got out of these past 3 days here reached much farther than my expectations. What a blessing this has been to both of us. I will always be grateful to everyone who is part of EMS for being the catalyst that helped change my life and give me a path toward recovery. Thank you so very much. "
- EMSW Participant
"I found it to be a safe, loving, helpful environment and experience. I think we were both able to make a permanent decision to be committed to our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"I didn’t know what to expect; I was just looking for direction. My experience here was painful, but the weight lifted from my “body” afterwards s overwhelming. I now see the pain I caused from my infidelity to my spouse. I know that pain is closer to death than death itself. As for the future: clear mind, full heart, can’t lose! I honestly believe our marriage is going to be stronger and more dedicated and more connected in the next ten years from now. "
- EMSW Participant
"Did not know what to expect. Was a great experience. Exceeded my expectations. Offered so many tools to help start a new beginning together. A real chance to heal. Thank you, EMS."
- EMSW Participant
"I tried not to have too many specific expectations before I came. What I experienced was amazingly comprehensive coverage of the issues faced by couples post-adultery, presented in a trust-inducing environment. There was a huge amount of information, and some of the bites came as I was still chewing a previous bite, but I don’t know how else you could do it. Blessings on you for tackling such a toxic issue with such grace and mercy."
- EMSW Participant
"I received everything I was expecting plus more. I was able to leave the 10 pound weight from my gut (hurt/pain/anger) and I feel relief, something I have not felt in 4+ years! I can’t thank everyone involved with AR who I’ve learned from enough! I can and will move forward in a positive, healthy way. I am choosing my husband to love and start a fresh new journey together. "
- EMSW Participant
"EMS Weekend has felt like a very safe haven for me. I could be myself without fear of being criticized or condemned. I felt sometimes like I was at the feet of Jesus when he told the adulterous woman has no one condemned you so I do not condemn you, go and sin no more. It was beautiful. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was NOT wanting to come to this but am very glad that I did. It had helped my heart to open to possibilities of reconciliation. This was the best investment I could have ever made in working through my spouses infidelity. "
- EMSW Participant
"911 Marriage [EMS Online] literally saved our marriage from divorce. We had tried other professionals, which only lead us to more pain. It was comforting to know that others were feeling and thinking the same thoughts as us...we were not alone on this journey. Our marriage has been enriched by the valuable lessons we have learned."
- K, Alabama
"This week's curriculum was awesome. Very helpful. This program and every one involved in it is such a blessing. All the hard work and dedication really show from everyone on the staff. I can't thank you guys enough."
- EMS after-care participant
"Finding out that my emotions were normal and completely valid made the path to healing a possibility."
- B Texas
"The thing about Harboring Hope that was so positive was that I got better by doing the work and following suggestions. As a byproduct my husband got better as well."
- W. Washington
"We had tried counseling, and failed miserably, not only once, but twice. The situation looked hopeless, and without end. This was the ONLY help that we found that made sense, and it saved our marriage, bottom line!"
- BG New Mexico
"Our first counselor was not properly trained in marital infidelity and only prolonged and increased my pain. 911 Marriage [EMS Online] was a gift of incredible proportions."
- M - New Mexico