Weekend Retreat FAQ

Weekend Retreat Questions



Where are the retreats held?
Currently, all of our retreats are held at different venues. For more information on a particular EMS Weekend please email us at support@hope-now.com or call Erica at 512-879-6388. Please note, THEY DO NOT TAKE PLACE AT OUR OFFICE.



Are accommodations provided?
Accommodations for EMS Weekend are included in the price of the weekend. You will recieve info on your specific weekend via email after your purchase, or if you would like information before you purchase you can email Erica at erica@hope-now.com.



Are meals provided?
Meals are included with your EMS Weekend purchase. All of our venues provide meals from friday breakfast all the way through Sunday lunch, as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day.  If you have any dietary restrictions we will be sure to accomidate you.


How many couples usually attend?
At each retreat, we generally have around 15 with a variety of stories and types of affairs. We also invite a chaplain couple to provide spiritual guidance and prayer for our attendees. A mentor couple will be in attendance to share their story and offer support to the couples.



Can I register online?
You sure can, through the EMS Registration page. You will be asked to pay the deposit online when you register.
EMS Product Page 



Is there a dress code?
Dress is casual and comfortable. Please keep in mind that other attendees are frequently dealing painful reminders that are triggered by visible cleavage, short skirts, and generally provocative attire. Please select your wardrobe for the weekend with this in mind. Ladies may want to test attire by bending over to make sure you can't see down tops.  We aim to provide a safe place for all participants. So, be considerate of others and please dress modestly.


Can I gift a retreat weekend to my kids (parents, brother, friend, etc)?
If you would like to pay for all or part of a retreat weekend for a family member, friend, employee, or other person, please contact the office at 1-888-527-2367.



Are the retreats covered by insurance?
No, the retreats are not covered by insurance. Although our infidelity experts are also therapists, the weekend is considered education rather than therapy. Therefore, insurance cannot cover the cost of the weekend.