Leader FAQs

Conference Call FAQs

What information do I need to connect to my call?

  • Conference dial in number
  • Conference Code
  • Host Code
  • See the Class Rolls email your course coordinator from Affair Recovery sent you - It contains this info as well as the names of your group members. You can email leading@hope-now.com or support@hope-now.com to have it resent if you cannot find it. Tip: Try searching your email with your Course Number. (i.e. "HH324w")
Do I have to have my host code to connect to the call?
  • Yes.  Everyone is placed on hold until the host calls and enters the host code - that's you! 
My Group Conference Code Doesn't Work! What Do I Do?!
  • DO NOT use a different code. Whether it's a personal line or a code from another Affair Recovery group, do not use anything other than the code issued to you for this specific group. Using other platforms or re-purposing another code is a violation of privacy.
    Instead please follow these steps:
    • Immediately inform the group using the small group wall the code isn't working.
    • Reassure the group. Let them know you are working on it and will continue trying for a specific amount of time. Let them know you will stay in contact with them as the troubleshooting progresses.
    • Try the code again. There have been times where it's just a bad connection or a glitch between the signal your phone is giving when you touch the numeric keypad and what the system receives as the input.
    • If someone offers a solution, kindly let them know you cannot use any other platform or call code for the group.
    • If you are unable to connect, use the group wall to reschedule for a different night or postpone the call until next week. Post some of the call questions on the wall for them to discuss in the meantime.
    • Send us an email with the group name and issue experienced.
  • There are several factors that can contribute to a code not working i.e. a technical glitch, bad weather, hardware malfunction, or human error. Whatever the reason, the privacy, safety, and anonymity of our participants are our highest priority. It's imperative that each conference code is specific to an individual group and not shared with anyone other than who is inside that group.
If my call is dropped, does the conference end?
  • No.  The conference remains open as long as there is at least one caller on the line.  NOTE: If you have turned off the call extend feature - the conference will end if you are dropped.
How do I record the call, How do I know if it is recording?
  • (5*) Immediately following the entering of your host code, enter 5* to begin the recording.  If the command is accepted, you will hear an audible confirmation.  Continue to enter the command (5*) until you hear the confirmation.  However, don't spend too much time trying to complete this as the group is waiting for you to begin the call. 

What do I do if there is background noise?

  • Ask the participants to mute themselves if they are not speaking using (4*).  They unmute themselves by pressing (4*) again. 
  • If you are speaking and there is a great deal of noise, you can press (1*) to mute ALL callers except yourself.  They can unmute themselves by pressing (*4).

What do I do if callers are unable to connect?

  • Typically, if a caller is having issues connecting, it's due to entering the codes too fast and unknowingly entering the wrong digits.  Remind your callers to type the conference code in slowly to lessen the mistakes
  • If they are certain they are entering the right code, have them wait a few minutes and try again.  When a large group is calling at the exact same time, it can overload the circuits.

Is the conference toll free?

  • NO - regular fee's are applied from their phone service provider.

Are there international numbers available?

  • NO - In the event someone is calling from out of country, they will have to either use calling cards or a VoIP system such as Skype.

Useful Shortcuts

  • (6*) - Request names - requires callers to state their names before joining the call (Only Host will hear this) - if someone is speaking, it will cut out and you will only hear the announcement of the name
  • (7*) - Exit tone on & off - Turn on or off an exit tone announcing when participants leave your conference.
  • (8*) - Total caller count - Find out how many callers are connected to the call at a particular time.  Only the Host will hear this.
  • (9*) - Entry notification on & off - Turn on or off the audio tone or name announced when a new caller joines - Only the Host will hear this.  Note - this will override anyone that is currently speaking and you will only hear the tone or name
  • (2*) - lock and unlock the call - Secure your conference further by restricting access once your group is all present
  • (3*) - Call extend off & on - Do you want the conference to end as soon as you hang up? Press (3*) to disable call extend.  Note - If you have disabled call extend and your call is dropped, the conference will end.

General Leader FAQ's

Who should participants contact for help?
  • Email support@hope-now.com
  • Call 1-888-527-2367

Who should leaders contact for help?

  • Email leading@hope-now.com

Where do I find my group member's information?

  • You will receive a Class Rolls document from AR
  • This doc will also contain the conference information

What do I need for my first call?

  • Your course specific Weekly Leader's Lesson Guide
  • The Class Rolls Document
  • AR.com
    • Week's Lesson & Homework Assignment for group participants
    • Group Leader's Training Manual

What do I need to tell someone who is substituting me on a call?

  • A leader copied me on her message to her substitute and I thought it was a perfect way to introduce a substitute when time is available. Here is what she said:

Carla,  Thank you for substituting for me this coming Monday.  The group is fantastic; the women are intelligent and well-spoken.  All have a personal faith. Brenda is just now beginning to explore a personal relationship with God.  Her husband just asked for a divorce and ____ is glad to be off the roller coaster, so has some peace about it, but I don’t think the reality of it has sunk in yet.  Her husband wavers and still wants to take care of her, so he isn’t completely emotionally detached.  She describes herself as a free-spirit, was with her husband for 10 years before marrying and never wanted to marry or have kids.  They have two young children ages 5 and 7 I think. 

Jenn has been married 21 years and they have 4 boys and 1 girl.  They have been to EMS and are doing pretty well.  Hal is remorseful.  Jenn is trying to figure out what she is feeling.  

Jess and her husband met when they were both on a security team for a company.  Their marriage is a product of them having an affair.  They have both been married before.  They were separated 2 years ago and this time, she thinks it is going to end in divorce. 

Cathy, married 12 years, they have 3 kids.  She home schools.  He is a physician and they had moved for a 1-year fellowship, she found out about the affair and moved to her parents.  He is back in the area now, and they try to live together then she goes back to her parents for a while.  She wants healing for her heart.  

Juliet,  Her husband is a workaholic, likes to party and drink.  They were in Montana and he was family practice physician and went through a mountain man stage.  He likes adventure and seems to crave change.  It looks like it is headed to divorce.  It is a little hard to get her to focus on her process.  Tracy, married 20 years, 22 year old daughter and a daughter who is a sophomore in college. They have struggled with parenting, he is strict/she not as strict.  His affair was sexual with no emotional attachment.  He says it is over between them.  He is trying to make the marriage work.  They are all willing to talk and are okay with being gently redirected or reminded that time is a bit short. ​