How to Recover

To recover from infidelity you must be shown the way. At ARC, we recognize the desire for anonymity as well as the need for community support. Unconditional acceptance, while on your journey of understanding all that has happened, combined with the knowledge and experience of those who have successfully recovered are invaluable.

Broken Heart
911 Marriage - online course for couples
If you and your spouse desire to remain married and to focus on marital healing, 911 Marriage may be for you. 911 Marriage is a course for couples suffering through the fall-out created by infidelity. 911 Marriage seeks to restore marital stability and to promote healing through a structured curriculum addressing such issues as:
  • Honest and intimate communication
  • The unfaithful spouse’s need to understand the loss and emotional pain inflicted by their infidelity
  • How to cope with overwhelming emotional pain
  • How to forgive
  • The development of appropriate marital expectations
  • ……and much more.
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Harboring HopeHarboring Hope - online course for betrayed spouses
If you are an individual who has been betrayed by your mate's infidelity and you desire to pursue your own healing, Harboring Hope may be for you. The Harboring Hope course is for women or men who have been betrayed whether they are still married or not. Harboring Hope helps individuals move through and ultimately beyond grief and helps them to recapture, or perhaps capture for the first time, a more authentic sense of self. Harboring Hope understands that individuals need more than “just time” to heal, they need support and guidance along the way. Both courses are faith-based.

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