Songs for the Soul | Turn Your Eyes (S2:E7)

In this episode Rodney and Angela share the profound change they experienced following his D-Day on March 8th, 2014. Amidst the death of the old, a new marriage and new hearts emerged. They share how they navigated this journey with gratitude and grace. Through transparency and healing, they discovered the power of God's promise to restore and uplift.

Scripture became more than words on a page; it became their anchor, guiding and reminding them to fix their eyes on Jesus. Just as Peter was able to walk on water when he focused on Jesus, they held to that and became “Water Walkers”.

They encourage others facing their own versions of "D-Day" to turn to Christ for endurance and hope, finding contentment in His peace amidst chaos.

We are so excited to share Season 2, Episode 7 of ‘Songs for the Soul’ with Rodney & Angela. Songs for the Soul was created by this inspiring couple as a space where their testimony meets their harmony, to encourage couples and individuals who are overcoming infidelity.

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Thank you again. Just lovely.

Thank you again. Just lovely. What enables me to enjoy your videos so much is knowing they are not just words. You're not just singing but you have authenticity behind your words.
Also March 8th is my birthday so I think I'll be thinking of you two every year. I'll remember you no matter where I'll be. It also gives me hope that one day I'll be in a better place hopefully with my wife.

Praying for you now Marc D...

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words Marc D - and for thinking of us on your birthday! What a blessing!! I guess in a sense, that's our birthday now too...since our marriage was reborn on that day! What a gracious thought. You've blessed us Marc D. May the Lord continue to give you hope that only He can give...and may your journey of healing be enriched more and more each day. Praying for you and your wife now as well. ~Rodney+Angela

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