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what does change look like - Elizabeth

Today I was reminded of a story by Portia Nelson I heard long ago:

Autobiography in Five Chapters

by Portia Nelson...

, 1 month 4 hours ago
you are not alone. when shame has the last word - elizabeth - affair recovery survivors blog


I hate the word. I hate the feeling. I am guessing for most of you...

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Today in counseling I was stunned by a concept I’ve heard most my life. Similar to the old quilt that covers our bed, I became so familiar with it I no longer saw the depth of beauty in it.

My counselor asked me how I felt I...

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"Learn how to be okay
when things are not...

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text hereThe other day I was getting my haircut. If you are a woman, or even know a woman, you most likely know we can be in there for hours. I pay to be blonder than I am.

Not long into the...

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Find the courage to come out of hiding

Why is hiding so tempting and where does the desire come from?

Hide and seek. This is a game my kids...