, 3 days 2 hours ago

Samuel answers a pivotal question in recovery: Will all this pain ever go away?

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Samuel shares humorous but effective stories about how to make it though the dark days of recovery.

, 1 week 3 days ago

Samuel tackles a sensitive subject: understanding the importance of why a spouse cheats.

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Samuel shares insight into the choice we have in dealing with the pain of infidelity.

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Samuel provides insight into just a few reasons the betrayed spouse can find their recovery paralyzed.

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Samuel answers questions about how to handle the pain of ending dysfunction in recovery.

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Samuel shares five significant reasons unfaithful spouses remain stuck in their situation.

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Today Samuel tackles a complex but important topic in infidelity: enablement.

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Samuel shares insight into why the choice to blame is so enticing for unfaithful spouses.

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Samuel share a pivotal point of healing for both himself and Samantha during one of the most difficult times in their recovery.

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Samuel shares practical ways a spouse can work on their own recovery, even if they are unsure about the future of the marriage.

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Samuel discusses the struggle of an unfaithful spouse who continues to go back and forth between their affair partner and their spouse.

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Samuel discusses the need to prioritize your own healing in recovery.

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Samuel answers one of the most common questions by betrayed spouses: "When is enough, enough?"

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Samuel shares a common struggle couples have in recovery and understanding why spouses really cheat.