How Do You Heal and Handle the Losses Associated with Infidelity?

When couples attempt to heal from infidelity or addiction, they're faced with many staggering truths that can make or break both their own recovery and the relationship. Today Samuel points a way through the smoke and malaise of denial and loss to clarity, courage and hope for the future.

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Thank You

I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for this video and the many others my spouse and I continue to view and digest. We are still under two weeks since my D Day, and as impossible as this time has been, it would have been much harder without the information, direction, and hope this website provides. Thank you for being the lighthouse in the storm for us. I am not OK, but I have hope I will be. Sincerely, Pete.


Samual's delivery charges my soul. Like a preacher from the pulpit, his words are true, compassionate, encouraging, and powerful, and I just want to scream 'amen,' but I don't because that's embarrassing.

Thank you all so much for these amazing resources.

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