Healing Betrayal Trauma: Why 'Let's Just Talk About It Later' Doesn't Work

It's a typical scenario: the betrayed wants or needs to talk, and the unfaithful just doesn't have it in them at the moment. Enter the phrase that appears to diffuse the situation, yet only exacerbates the entire process of healing: 'let's just talk about it later.' I'm sure you know the rest; the truth is, "later" very seldom ever comes. The unfaithful struggles to find their words and hold on to themselves, and not circle the drain in shame. The betrayed is pining away, needing to talk and process their hurt and pain with their mate or partner, but is denied this opportunity to connect and emote. The result is often frustration, disconnection and eventually, rage. Yet, it doesn't have to be this way; both betrayed and unfaithful alike can create safety for each other to share their pain and hurt in a way that is gracious and unaccusing. Today, Samuel shares insight into how to overcome this Bermuda triangle-like issue with direct and practical suggestions to help both partners heal.

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