4 Myths Surrounding Healing From Infidelity

When trying to heal from infidelity or addiction, it's inevitable we will run into myths surrounding what healing from infidelity requires as well as what recovery 'should' and 'should not' look like. It's unfortunate that many who have been through this tragedy would make their experience everyone's experience by giving advice that's not 100% true or accurate or for everyone. Today Samuel shares a few common and destructive myths that both unfaithful and betrayed partners come in contact with, but don't have to remain imprisoned to.

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Healing myself right out of my marriage

Good morning, I am the betrayed. I am very fearful right now that I may heal myself right out of my marriage because my husband is not really healing himself. He is doing work on the “us” side but he’s not doing work truly on himself. I call it his emotions box, he shoves all his emotions in his box and every time he lifts the lid to cram another in ,the box is like the box with all the worms in it and you open it and they all fly out, and he scrambles to pick them up and shove them back in. I want with all my heart to heal myself and to heal us better than ever but, I’m fearful that the “us” can’t get healed because he himself has not healed. I am so confused I am very careful because I really want my marriage, we’ve been together for 30 years and married for 26 of those and he is my world even though it’s upside down right now and I don’t want to, like I said heal myself right out of my marriage! Please help

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