How To Move Forward After Infidelity: Do’s, Don’ts, and Critical Mistakes

Choosing to move forward after infidelity stretches any strong man or woman to their very core. Today, Samuel shares from his many failures and successes on how he has been able to find hope, healing, and courage to go forward, despite many disappointments and frustrations.

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trying to move forward

I found out July 14th about the virtual conversations that were going on. That was D day number one. throughout all his "I want to make this work, I love you's" there were 4 more D- days, they got worse and all followed by the same I want to make this work, my phone is clean". Currently, this round he is at his mom's (I was at mine). It is very hard for me to even look at him knowing all that I know and have seen. Then I feel like for us to work on this we should be under the same roof. I have signed up for the seminar for betrayed spouse on Oct. 2nd and will be traveling for the remainder of October. Not sure if we should stay apart or under the same roof while maybe working through this. There are no small children in the home now. Thank you.

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