Why the Betrayed Spouse Wants the Unfaithful Spouse to Take Initiative in Recovery Work

Samuel shares insight into a common struggle for couples in recovery.

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Wow, i think the majority of

Wow, i think the majority of the people on the general forum who have been on several years would agree this is why they are still on the forum. What do you think the best way to address this issue is for the betrayed when the US just wont do any work on their own?

I would certainly agree that

I would certainly agree that is why I am still where I am at. I am curious as to the answer re advice.

Yes- spot on. Almost 3 yrs post d-day #1

3 yrs after catching my UH in decades of sexual betrayal and all he consistently does is read his Bible (using his bible reading time as an avoidance tactic). Instead of "hearing" me beg for recovery work he decided I was "stuck" and recently decided to leave w/ our children (move out for at least 6 months) to "shock" me vs dig into recovery. He is back now but I am tired. The line was crossed. I now wonder if any amount of him digging into recovery will make a difference. Is it to late? The fact that he thinks he's doing everything and it's all my fault that we aren't making progress and there's so much stress in the home is his way of flipping his guilt onto my shoulders.
Thank you Samuel for this timely video. Lately you seem to hit the nail on the head for what BS need.

i'm sorry...

first of all, "lately" i've been hitting the nail on the head????? just lately???? ((kidding....kidding....)))

i would challenge him and say to him "if you're serious about healing, let's do the ems weekend."  then see if he will sign you up.  i would ask him to put his money where his mouth is.  bible is not enough and he can't do it on his own.  he needs expert help and you need expert help my friend.  i would share a few challenges and ask him if he will do it.  if not, well, that's a huge red flag and obviously he's not as serious as he says he is. 


You are spot on. I wish my

You are spot on. I wish my UH had someone to say this to him early on. I was the one searching for books on betrayal and searching the internet for any information I could find. I found affair recovery and shared it with him. At one point I would bombard him with your video blogs. He definitely did not initiate recovery. It’s like you say, didn’t make me feel safe, loved or really wanted. Then when he would do something, I would think it’s only because I had to ask. He is now doing so much better on doing his recovery work. We took the EMSO and that was a life saver and really is when he finally “got it.”

Samuel, I am ready to give

Samuel, I am ready to give up. My husband is a narcissist and our Dday was over 2 years ago. Have you thought about making a video addressing narcissism ?

Flirted and now ruined

Ive been going to therapy but my betrayed spouse won't come with me. She claims I'm not showing initiative to fix our relationship. She is in a cycle of saying the same things over and over. I do not know how I get her out of this cycle of thinking without therapy.

Backstory: I flirted with a coworker via text and email, after therapy I realized it was just for self esteem boosting purposes. I was never physical with her, always told my spouse when we were out to dinner, did not spend every weekend or waking moment with her, never saw myself with my coworker for the long term. I stopped flirting with my coworker and even ceased speaking with her at work unless its business related.

After my spouse found these emails from 2-3 years ago and current texts said I broke her trust and ruined everything that we had for 5.5 years. She thinks our whole relationship has been a lie. We still live together but we're stuck. When I say let's get the house apprised and move forward she freaks out. I can't live like this; I'm miserable and feeling an overwhelming amount of shame for flirting.