How Can the Unfaithful Spouse Pursue & Win Back the Betrayed’s Heart after Infidelity or Addiction?

Trying to win back a betrayed partner's heart after shattering them with your infidelity is not an easy task. It's a challenge, but a worthwhile pursuit. While some betrayeds are not willing to allow their hearts to be pursued or won back after infidelity, many are willing and even aching for that reconnection. The struggle is how to do so, when the betrayed barely understands their own pain, trauma and confusing reactions. The unfaithful can misread their cues and find themselves growing more and more frustrated by the hour. There is a better way to heal, a better way to pursue your betrayed partner, without feeling like the proverbial door is being slammed in your face as an unfaithful, time and time again. Today Samuel provides a no-nonsense, straightforward video on how to minimize mistakes, and actually cut through the fog and reach the betrayed's heart. If you are an unfaithful partner, today's video will help you avoid the mistakes so often made by well-meaning but misguided unfaithful spouses. If you've been betrayed, I hope you will also take some time to reflect on today's video, and maybe even offer your spouse other suggestions that could help you in your own heart and recovery journey.

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