Songs for the Soul | Self Care (S2:E5)

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Let’s sing a fun, creative, and original song about self care (and discuss it too)! Rodney and Angela in this episode discuss the importance of self care, from the small things to the large. When your life is blown up from infidelity, self care is essential to ensure we don't lose ourselves while working through and recovering from infidelity. We hope you enjoy this Self Care Song!

We are so excited to share Season 2, Episode 5 of ‘Songs for the Soul’ with Rodney & Angela. Songs for the Soul was created by this inspiring couple as a space where their testimony meets their harmony, to encourage couples and individuals who are overcoming infidelity.


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So FUN and catchy!

You two are the BEST! Now I'm singing the Self Care Song. It's going to be stuck in my head. I might never get it out. LOL. But that's the point. Loved the fun and loved the message. Thanks for being willing to creatively go where most won't. May God multiple your creativity and the love in your heart to help others!

Aw thanks Shelly! Keep on

Aw thanks Shelly! Keep on singing and living this truth out in faith. We really appreciate all your prayers and words of encouragement. They always come right on time!

Wonderful. Just Wonderful.

Wonderful. Just Wonderful. You are both so great to listen to. Thank you!

Thanks for watching Marc -

Thanks for watching Marc - and for the encouragement. Blessings to you sir! ~Rodney

This was great!! You two

This was great!! You two perform so well together and have such fun.
I would LOVE to see you both do a children’s album with important messages to kids - on self care, handling anger, making friends, loving God, etc.
I’d buy it for my grandkids!
Thank you for all you do,

How kind Leslie!

Aw thanks Leslie! How very kind. We'll put that on the prayer list...we'd love to do it. Thanks for your ongoing support for AR and for us. You are a gift :)

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