Songs for the Soul | Then Sings My Soul (S2:E4)

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In this episode, Rodney and Angela sing “How Great Thou Art/Then Sings My Soul" as they discuss infidelity, hope, and healing around the holiday season. We know the holiday season can be challenging, but when we look upwards and stand in awe of everything God has done, we can find Hope. Rodney & Angela encourage you through this personal song of love, gratitude, and adoration.

We are so excited to share Season 2, Episode 4 of 'Songs for the Soul' with Rodney & Angela. Songs for the Soul was created by this inspiring couple as a space where their testimony meets their harmony, to encourage couples and individuals who are overcoming infidelity.



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Thank you Angela and Rodney!

Thank you Angela and Rodney! That was so uplifting.
I was in church a few weeks ago singing the following hymn. I felt the solemnness of history and a very deep connection with the author, and fellow believer, Ambrose of Milan - who wrote this sometime before his death in 397 AD.
We are carrying the torch of faith and truth down through the centuries; this dark world needs it.
May the light of Christ burn brightly in your hearts this Christmas season.
~ Leslie

Savior of the Nations, Come

Savior of the nations, come;
virgin's Son, make here Thy home!
Marvel now, O heav'n and earth,
that the Lord chose such a birth.

2 Not by human flesh and blood,
but the Spirit of our God,
was the Word of God made flesh-
woman's Offspring, pure and fresh.

3 Wondrous birth! O wondrous Child
of the virgin undefiled!
Tho' by all the world disowned,
still to be in heav'n enthroned.

4 From the Father forth He came
and returneth to the same,
captive leading death and hell-
high the song of triumph swell!

5 Thou, the Father's only Son,
hast o'er sin the vict'ry won.
Boundless shall Thy kingdom be;
when shall we its glories see?

6 Brightly doth Thy manger shine,
glorious is its light divine.
Let not sin o'ercloud this light
ever be our faith thus bright.

7 Praise to God the Father, sing,
praise to God, the Son, our King,
Praise to God the Spirit be
ever and eternally.

Leslie, thank you for sharing

Leslie, thank you for sharing this hymn. Also for your kind words. Our foundation is so rich in Christ! And yes, this world needs it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! ~Rodney and Angela

How Great Thou Art/To God Be The Glory

You got me singing on this one for sure. I love the old hymns too. They are imbedded in my soul hopefully forever. I love new worship songs too but these songs just go so deep. I loved the transition from How Great Thou Art to To God Be The Glory...that was perfect. Y'all can't hear me over here but I was adding my harmony. Thanks for reminding my soul that God is so Great and greatly to be praised!

We love the hymns too! They

We love the hymns too! They connect us to God's truth but also to a rich heritage. Keep singing them Shelly! Heaven hears you :)

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