How Do I Get My Betrayed Partner to Trust Me Again after Infidelity?

Trusting again after infidelity is no easy task for the betrayed partner. The unfaithful can spend an enormous amount of energy doing what they think will help regain trust with the betrayed, only to find themselves frustrated, confused and in some cases angry at the realization that the betrayed still doesn't trust them. To many outside the arena of affair recovery, trusting again seems impossible, yet to those who have walked the road of healing and restoration, trust is in fact possible. However, it's a new trust. No longer a naive trust that is unaware of the darkness of the unfaithful, but a trust built upon intimacy, honesty and ultimately safety. Today you'll hear Samuel share time tested insight into how the unfaithful can eventually regain trust and safety with their betrayed partner.

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still thinks I'm withholding information

Because I lied about everything (big to small) and have piece-mealed the truth, my betrayed spouse continues to say "there has to be more to it" "You are not telling me everything", "I can move past it when you've told me the truth about everything", "when is the next bomb going to drop?", etc. I have no credibility because I've lied about things over the course of many many years but there is truly nothing that I am keeping from my betrayed spouse now. What do I do at this point?

An idea

Submit to a polygraph. If she cannot believe you, then maybe believing the results of a polygraph will help her get there. They are mentioned on this board quite a bit.

What type of affair was it?

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