Plateaus: When Your Relationship Isn’t Where You Want It to Be After an Affair or Addiction

Have you ever reached a point in your own recovery, or in your relationship, where you thought to yourself: is this really as good as it's going to get? Maybe you've found yourself reasonably happy, but just not fulfilled with the repair work you've done? Like many, you may have also felt like you or your relationship were making great strides, showing ongoing momentum and promise, and now you feel stuck. You may find yourself on a plateau. Often, a plateau can be misinterpreted as an ominous sign that something is seriously wrong, when in fact, it may just be time for a minor tune up to your own repair work or your relationship's. In today's video, you may be relieved to hear that plateaus in recovery are 100% normal, and even to be expected. Today, Samuel shares down-to-earth suggestions on how to recognize plateaus in recovery work, as well as how to push past them to find fresh momentum and reach a new level of healing.

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