Fighting the Urge to Quit and Give Up After Infidelity

Finding the courage to keep going after your own world has been rocked by infidelity or addiction is one of the most excruciating processes an adult can find themselves in. Discovering there are not only survivors of infidelity, but those who have come out on the other side healed, forgiven, and restored, can bring hope and courage to others forging through the challenging seasons of early recovery. While not impossible to heal, our feelings often betray us and leave us feeling defeated against what feels like insurmountable circumstances at times. "Everyone has a plan 'till they're punched in the face" is a quote you'll hear from Samuel in today's video blog. It's safe to say that infidelity is likely one of the toughest punches in life to take. But take heart; there are ways through the tunnels of darkness that can be taken by those early on in recovery, or even by those who are decades down the road. Infidelity doesn't have to be the end of your life, and discouragement doesn't have to keep you from moving forward in your own repair work. Today, you'll hear Samuel share key points on how to heal from the devastation of infidelity for a former unfaithful, a betrayed spouse, or even for those who have been on both sides of infidelity and/or addiction.

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