How Did I Recover from My Husband’s Affair: I Had to Draw a Line in the Sand

Finding survivors of either their own infidelity or their spouse's, who are also willing to publicly talk about their story, is no easy task. From the public shame, to the fear of being known for such painful life choices, to the uneasiness of telling your story in public, it's just not easy. Today you'll get to know Stephanie, a fearless survivor of her husband's infidelity, addiction, and child out of wedlock. As we talk, you'll hear a down to earth, "I'm not superwoman; I'm just someone who did the work" approach. After the infidelity came to light, she realized she had choices, and she chose to take a bold step toward her husband as he threw himself into his own recovery work. Today, Stephanie hopes to encourage those who find themselves in this awful position with a few tips that worked for her in the earlier days of her journey. No magic buttons, no unreal expectations, no loud preachy messages of all these things she did. Just a simple, yet courageous, approach to healing from years of dedicating herself to the principles taught by Rick Reynolds and

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I really enjoyed this

I really enjoyed this interview, it spoke to me about God’s redemptive work. Throughout this time of healing I’ve been asking God what he might be calling me to; this interview inspired me to use my pain to help others.
“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.”
I have never been outside of my Father’s care.
He sees me.
He knows my suffering.
He wants to use me for the Kingdom.

Thank you again.

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