Surviving Infidelity Series: Is There Hope for the Unfaithful After an Affair?

Rick Reynolds, the founder and lead therapist at, oftentimes says we learn far more from failure than we can ever learn in success. It's a principle that can be applied in everyday life, and specifically, in recovery from infidelity or addiction. How we handle failure can determine our next phase of life, and our next phase in maturity. After an affair, the last thing we need to do is cause more pain, to our spouse or to ourselves, and as unfaithfuls, finding new life and new hope for our future is paramount. Today, Samuel shares a poignant and much-needed discussion with unfaithfuls about their future, their moral failure, and, if they are willing to do the recovery work, their potential to heal.

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How do you get the unfaithful

How do you get the unfaithful to see what they have done when there is no contact and no remorse from them? My UH has still yet to admit his choices, deflects/avoids and does n to realize the pain he has caused. How do I show him the light? How do I change his thinking? Videos are great, I just don't see my UH getting it or even caring. I don't know how to show him his childhood trauma or the trauma of my own and how those have affected our relationship and his choices.

What type of affair was it?

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