What the Betrayed Really Needs from the Unfaithful in Affair Recovery: Empathy

If a betrayed partner doesn't experience or see authentic empathy from their unfaithful partner, the recovery efforts of that unfaithful become suspect. "Maybe they are just trying to not lose me and/or the family?" "Maybe they don't want to change and heal, they just want to not talk about it and move on?" Those are just some of the questions the betrayed ask themselves. Today Samuel shares first hand perspective into what are 'empathy builders' and what are 'empathy blockers' in the life of the unfaithful and how to cultivate not only an empathetic heart but an empathetic life as an unfaithful spouse. Filled with insight for both betrayed and unfaithful, today's video is sure to encourage you on your journey towards personal and relational healing.

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What I needed

Almost four years post discovery. I did Harboring Hope. I found a couples counselor. I saw an individual therapist. I read a dozen books. I'm still broken. Came back to this site after a hard conversation with my husband last night where I verbalized some of the very points made in this video. Such a relief to know it's not just me "not getting over it."

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