Signs the Unfaithful Is Growing, Healing & Doing Affair Recovery Work

When a spouse or partner is serious about repairing the damage of their affair or addiction on their loved ones, the simple truth is, you can see it. You can feel it in their voice, you see it in their demeanor and you notice it in their overall approach to recovery work. But what are those indicating signs and where can you find them? Today Samuel shares just a few but palatable signs that the unfaithful is growing, healing and actually doing work to heal the damage their choices have caused in everyone around them. While not an exhaustive list, it's a list from the foxhole of recovery that I'm sure you'll walk away from feeling encouraged, informed and comforted by a fellow survivor of infidelity.

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Sam, this hit very close to

Sam, this hit very close to home. It was eye-opening, to say the least. For the past 5 months, my life has spun out of control as my affair has come to light. Your analogy/parable of pulling the pin on a hand grenade is exactly what I have done. I have (hopefully) hit rock bottom and can start to grow and change into what I should be. This blog will become a weekly check-in for me and my growth. Thank you, Sam!

Thank you so much for making

Thank you so much for making this video. Every point made here is spot on, and perfectly describes what I want my unfaithful spouse to hear and internalize. It feels like a weight off my shoulders, a breath of fresh air to hear these things that I wanted to communicate said so succinctly and compassionately.

Saving Face after the affair

HI Samuel,

I am wondering how I can help my husband save face after I lied to friends and family about how he hurt me. I am 100% in the wrong and I lied to hurt him and make me look like the good guy that needs to be rescued. I even lied to my kids about him. How to do go about starting to repair after something like this? I feel like there is no way out of this where my husband will feel safe with me. I also don't like that his family members believe he hurts me. Please advise, thank you so much!

What type of affair was it?

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