A Betrayed Partner in Crisis: How Developmental and Betrayal Trauma Affect Men and Women Differently

Previously, Samuel interviewed Michael Webb to discuss a scenario between an unfaithful male and a betrayed female, and how developmental trauma affects both inner and outward conversations with our spouse. Today, Samuel follows up with Michael with the roles reversed: an unfaithful female with a betrayed male partner. Without an understanding of our wounded inner selves, we end up transmitting our pain, instead of transforming it. This typically ends in disaster, causing more and more disconnection between the couple. Today, you'll hear insightful and experienced insight into how to navigate difficult conversations with our spouse or partner, while also gaining a deeper understanding into the complex world of trauma care.

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Michaels email address

Hi Guys, two great inter views with Michael Webb, I actually wanted to comment on the "Scary Mummy" interview but cannot leave a comment there. this has hit me at my core.... how can Michael be contacted?

Both unfaithful and betrayed

My husband and I have been together for 40 years I had an affair 28 years ago, 20 years ago, one nighter 12 years ago and 11 years ago, I caught my husband with another woman 6/5/22. I believe this was his first time. When I asked him why he said because I hurt him so much and more than once. I know now how he felt cause I am suffering the same pain. How do we save our marriage.

What type of affair was it?

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