Helping the Unfaithful Find Freedom from Self-preoccupation after Their Affair

Early on after discovery or disclosure of infidelity, it seems normal, and even expected, that the unfaithful is overwhelmed with grief, despair, and even shame. Then, enough time transpires and they are seemingly paralyzed by these emotions and more, leaving them self-absorbed and wallowing in their own pain. The difficulty arrives when the betrayed partner begins to wonder, when will they show remorse for what they've done, and for how their choices have affected their loved ones? To the untrained, inexperienced ear, the unfaithful's words and actions can seem normal, acceptable and even healthy. However, to the expert, it is apparent that the unfaithful is trapped inside their own self-preoccupation, alienating themselves from their betrayed partner, family, and close friends. It's essential that the unfaithful partner learns how to take the focus off their own consequences and care for their betrayed partner, supporting them in their own hurt and pain. Today, Samuel shares pivotal remedies for unlocking remorse, humility, and grief in the unfaithful partner.

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