The Courage to Keep Going Before, During and After Divorce: Interview with Lisa Arends

Lisa Arends frequently shares her compelling story of her ex-husband divorcing her through a mere text message. What unfolded next was a story fit for the cinema screen. Several years later, Lisa is remarried, pursuing a vibrant career in data science, and impacting the lives of thousands of hurting, betrayed spouses who are looking for the courage to keep going after divorce. Lisa has a knack for encouraging those who are trying to heal, not only in practical ways, but also through expert insight into the mind of the betrayed spouse.

Though traumatized by her ex-husband's modern-day bigamy, Lisa has made the leap to a new career of helping those who can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. One of Samuel's most courageous interviewees to date, Lisa shares hope to find the faith and belief in self to navigate through life and marital transitions.

In addition to this interview, I want to let you know about our fourth annual Hope Rising Conference for betrayed spouses on October 2, 2021. I'd like to personally invite you to our one-day livestream filled with hope, connection, resources, and practical strategies.

Here is our founder, Rick Reynolds, sharing what Hope Rising is all about:

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