Infidelity Makes You Want to Give up on Yourself

Samuel shares a hopeful message of how to not give up on your own healing.

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Thank you

I’m a newly discovered unfaithful. Your videos have been immensely helpful the last week since I found I will confess that I’m stumbling through this while trying to do the right things by my spouse. This video in particular spoke to me. How do I find a mentor with whom to speak? Thanks, EB

hi there

so glad you found the site.  if you become a member you can post on the main wall and ask to talk to someone who has a story like your or who is willing to visit with you.  you may give some thout to one of our courses as well and talk to the gropu leader of that course as they can also be instrumental in your healing.  again, i'm so glad you're here and have found the videos.