one of the greatest things you can do to help others is not just to share and give what you have, but to help them discover what they have within themselves to help themselves-rita zahara

This quote flashed on the screen behind the minister in church today. He'd already said he was not going to comment on any of the quotes behind him as he had his own schtick to say. When I read this, he lost me for a few moments as I took in the wisdom within the printed words.

And then it occurred to me—I have attempted to pour out the effect my husband's betrayals have had on me in hope that you, the reader, might relate and feel validated. Perhaps the most poignant are the posts that offer the proverbial ray of light in the darkness. It certainly is what I need in order to maintain a positive perspective from the pit; grieving the loss of the marriage I thought I had.

Step Twelve of Alcoholics Anonymous states, "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs." So maybe the power of blogging is not so much in the sharing of devastation in hopes of building a community. Instead, maybe what we need is to look for what we have inside to help ourselves—and eventually, we can help others.

So, my friends, how do you feel about journaling? It is recommended by therapists as a tool for healing all sorts of hurt and trauma. It is the release of emotion onto paper, with the goal to purge it from the life you never signed up for nor imagined. It is the hydrogen peroxide of emotional cleansing.

I think the difference in blogging is that readers expect a thread of thought that can be followed, is comprehensible, and helpful. For the blog writer, it is our responsibility to compelling story that might actually provide solace—inspiration for a brighter future.

Therein lies the rub—the original premise upon which this piece is based. Overall, is it not more helpful to focus on the positives, appreciations, and the rainbow that surely follows the storm? Truth be known, I think journaling and blogging each has its place and usefulness. We must get the infection out before the healing can commence. We must walk through the darkness before the dawn.

So, dear readers, placate me, tolerate me, forgive me, maybe even support me in my efforts to heal myself; through your tolerance in these ramblings, "If I can help you in your healing, therein lies my own."

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Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your journey. I am appreciative of anyone that is willing to share their story, their feelings, their emotions, and their pain in hopes to lead another from the darkness. I tried journaling and it typically does not last long. If I had a better command of the written word I would consider blogging.

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