Have you ever met someone who knows the best way to do everything? You know, the person who has seen it all and done it all, and has now become the self-proclaimed expert. Yeah, I thought so. We all know someone who meets this description.

Unfortunately, it’s when we need them the very least they seem to jump out of nowhere and attack. It certainly felt that way to me. Wayne and I were very open with our friends and family about what was going on in our lives. The double-edged sword that we held by being so open was that while we received an amazing amount of love and support, we also received an amazing amount of unsolicited advice. It felt like everyone and their dog knew what I should do. And, amazingly, each one had a different idea on what that was. It was all well-intentioned, but the truth is that all the “you shoulds” really muddied the waters on where my heart was leading me. A person could suffocate under the weight of that many “shoulds”.

Thankfully, there were a few people in my life who had truly walked the path before me and who were able to help guide me through it. Their guidance and support were lifesavers in the twisting maze of betrayal, hurt, and healing. They helped me to see that recovery of my heart was found in grieving it’s wounds, then searching to see where it was leading me, rather than in seeking the “good housekeeping seal of approval” from everyone around me.

Good advisors help to heal. All others should be avoided! Here at Affair Recovery you’ll find some good advisors who only want to help you heal and find restoration and hope. I hope you’ll take advantage of them like I was able to.

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