Powerful words, Part 2

I was 18 when I started college and began studying to be a respiratory therapist. I was a young 18. I had lived a very purposefully sheltered life as a home-schooled girl, so there were a lot of thoughts and ideas that I ran across while in college that I had never heard while growing up.

I will never forget the first day I was in a clinical rotation at one of the local hospitals. About half way through the day I turned to the therapist who had been assigned to mentor me and said, “This is a great day!” She gave me a look of sheer horror and said, “What are you doing to me? Don’t you know not to say that? Quick! Knock on wood!” At my look of confusion she followed it up with, “And don’t say it is quiet either. All hell will break loose.” I soon discovered that just about everyone I ran into at the hospital had bought into the idea that speaking ‘good’ would bring ‘bad’.

I’m about to let you in on a secret. Get ready, because it is going to surprise you… Speaking good brings good. Speaking bad brings bad. The fact that the Liar has spread the opposite thought around to the point that it has become commonly accepted is no accident. You see, he understands what most of us have missed. There is power in the words that come out of our mouths. Now, clearly this doesn’t mean that I could say, “I have a million dollars in the bank” and then go make withdrawals on that amount. There is only one who has the power to create with His words. But when He created us, He gave us the ability to use our words to either agree with Him, or to agree with the Liar.

Somewhere in my healing process I discovered the amazing power found in my words. When I chose to use them to agree with my Healer, I found great healing. When I spoke in agreement with the One who has a good plan and a great hope for my future, I felt unexplainable hope. When I chose to listen to the Voice of Truth, hearing what He saw in my husband, and then speaking in agreement with what I heard, I began to see Wayne as he was created to be.

As I heard the Voice of Truth speak to my heart I would tell Wayne, “You are a child of God. You are His saint. You are an amazing leader in our home. You are a great dad for our boys. You are a great provider. You are not who you were. You have been made new. You are victorious.” Again, please understand, my words don’t have the power to create him into some super-human-husband. They are simply agreeing with the words that his Healer has already spoken over him.

Think of your words as a water hose. You can either connect your hose to the faucet that pours out words of life, or to the one that shoots out poisonous words of death. After you choose to connect with words of life, you can either turn it on just a little, and let it trickle out slowly, or open it up all the way, flooding your heart and marriage with life.

Our enemy has tricked us into believing that speaking life into a broken relationship is somehow asking for trouble. He has deceived us into thinking that if we dare to speak of the good things that our Healer has for us, our hope will be jinxed into oblivion. Make no mistake; his deception in our understanding of words has left us weak and vulnerable in his attacks against our hearts and marriages. Choose life. Speak in agreement with your Healer, releasing Him to pour His healing waters into every part of you.

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Thank you!

Thank you Dana. Many poisons words have been exchanged and lesson learned to be gentle and kind with words to help healing to happen. Hoping that more positive powerful words are felt in our relationship.
Thank you!

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