Battling Insecurities for Betrayed Women

It's all too common for women to have to navigate the self-condemning voice of insecurity. And although all of us are susceptible to these narratives, a betrayed woman especially has to fight against the negative messages she might believe about herself in the aftermath of her mate's infidelity. In today's video, you will hear an approach from one of our EMS panel specialists for identifying and moving through personal insecurities and walk away with tools for reclaiming self-acceptance. We hope that you will be encouraged to take a deeper look within as you allow the pain to be transformed.

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Thank you for all this information. I don't think I know one person that does not struggle with insecurities. However, women seem to battle this more than men or maybe we are just more honest in the struggle. For the betrayed woman the battle is increased at least 10 fold. I hope you continue to blog on this very issue. The rebuilding of myself is still a work in progress. I declare daily I am WORTH IT!! I DESERVE IT!! And not products or material possessions. I am WORTHY of a man that values me. I DESERVE a husband that is willing to do the work on himself to be the man I thought he was to begin with. I am worthy of holding my boundaries. I am deserving of honesty, respect, and love.

Keep blogging please

You are an amazing speaker and everything you said hit the mark. It would be awesome if you kept adding new posts for us.
Thank you for this wonderful post.

Thanks for watching!

I'm so glad the video was helpful for you and really appreciate you watching! I hope to record more in this new year and would love to know about other topics you may want to hear. Keep going, just one day at a time!

Insecurites and Men

Jessica I think this can also pertain to a lot of Men out there, if they will be honest with themselves, as it did with me. Great Vblog, keep up the great work.


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